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The hair, beauty and fashion evoles rapidly among women. Especially for black women, they cannot grow with beautiful and long hair because of its nature. So it is not a surprise to see that more and more black women are in pursuit of wearing various wigs installed with human virgin hair.

When choose the hair extension, there are so many confusing terms. In this article, we will discuss about Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair.

irhair website review

Brazilian virgin hair is popular and often considered as a “brand name” for a higher quality. IRhair Brazilian virgin hair is not chemically processed in any way. It is suitable for all hair styles and could hold curls well. So if you want to transform it in other color or style, it is easy. Besides, it usually give women a shiny natural look with amazing quality.

Peruvian virgin hair is one of the softest and lightweight varieties of extensions with its own natural shine. This hair will be used many times over and over again and last a long time under proper carement. Compared to Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is coarser in texture and also thicker. And in common, Peruvian hair is not treated or processed with any type of chemical.

irhair website review

Therefore on numerous online store, irhair are a trusted hair supplier with helpful customer service. ALL our Brazilian and Peruvian hair are 100% virgin human hair. Rock your hair beauty with irhair today!

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