Bio Oil- Is it Worth All The Hype?

Bio Oil- Is it Worth All The Hype?

Bio oil claims to treat scar, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, skin aging and dehydrated skin. And it has been suggested to be used during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. Does is stay true to its claim, let us see.
The ingredients of the bio oil are paraffinum liquid, trisononanion, cetearyl ethylhexonaye, vitamin A, vitamin E, sunflower oil, rosemary, lavender oil, chamomile oil, marigold oil,soybean oil, amyl cinnamal, benzyl salicilate and BHT (It is an immune system intoxicant even at low dose)

Bio Oil- Does it Work

Bio Oil- Does it Work

Bio Oil- Does it Work

I was quite surprised and shocked to see paraffinum liquid as a main ingredient of bio oil, it is a highly refined mineral oil, YUP you heard me right it is mineral oil. It is one of the cheapest moisturizer used in the cosmetic industry, and 22% of mineral oil is contaminated with 1-4 Diaxone which has been listed as a carcinogen by WHO. (Mineral oil is obtained as by-product of distillation of petroleum) Other than mineral oil all the other ingredients are used in minor amount or as fillers.

Your skin absorbs 70% of what you apply on it. Considering the side effects on mineral oil, it is not suitable to be used during pregnancyNatural remedies like castor oil, aloe vera works more efficiently, without any side effects.

Bio oil comes in a plastic bottle with screw type cap. The oil has the fragrance of chamomile and rosemary.  It is light in texture and gets absorbed quickly without leaving any sticky residue on the skin. I used this oil on my pregnancy stretch marks and hyper pigmentation on my knees, and I was not able to see any improvement on the  stretch marks but it did show minor improvement on the hyper pigmentation.

Bio oil claims that they have done a study and shown improvement in the appearance of the scar in 92% of subjects after 8 weeks. What you don't know is that "there were only 36 subjects tested and the percentage of the improvement is unknown" Source:

Price : Rs 450 for 60ml


Travel-friendly packing
Good fragrance
Get absorbed quickly


Has Mineral oil
No effects on stretch marks

Bio oil did not work on my stretch marks. It has mineral oil as a main ingredient, and it is expensive. It is better to turn on to natural remedies to fade away stretch marks. Bio oil, is an over hyped product which does not work.

CC Rating: 2/5

If you want me to debunk the ingredients of any other skincare product, leave a comment.

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