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Between her good looks and amazing acting skills, model turned actress Melissa Bolona is no stranger to the press. Formerly appearing as a model in numerous magazines, including Beach Bunny Swimwear alongside Irina Shayk, Bolona has turned her attention to acting and has continued to pique interest both in and outside of the United States.
Bolona, a Connecticut born, New Jersey native holds a marketing degree from a university in Paris, France and has spent part of her life in Lima, Peru. Throughout her new acting career, which started around 2013, Bolona has taken on a variety of roles in numerous films. A passionate actress, Bolona was able to adapt to a number of characters, including Lina in Dog Eat Dog where Bolona appeared opposite of Nicholas Cage. NAother example is Amethyst Stone, where Bolona played the 25-year-old love interest to the yoga guru and mother Deb Kelin.

Bolona’s multifaceted skillset has earned the actress dozens of television and movie roles, while her commitment to service and philanthropy- especially where animals are concerned- have garnered the actress several interviews. Some of Bolona’s press appearances include Vanidades, famously hailed as the largest Latin American Magazine, Bella Magazine and the LA Fashion Magazine. During her interviews, Bolona often takes the opportunity to express her love for acting, and her commitment to animal welfare. When questioned, Bolona is not shy about sharing a bit about her personal style, acting secrets and even some of her favorite eats, which include Wally’s sandwiches in Beverly Hills.

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Melissa Bolona press is sure to continue as the actress is set to appear in several major productions which will premiere in the coming months, as well as several other films that are currently in post-production. For a complete list of works featuring the actress, you can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.

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