Love South Indian Food? This Product Will Change your Life

Love South Indian Food? This Product Will Change your Life

When you think of South Indian food, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably a serving of hot and crispy dosa accompanied with a bowl of spicy sambar and chutney. We cannot undermine the popularity of dosa. Travel to any part of the country and you are sure to run into a street vendor selling this delicious breakfast dish/snack.  This Indian pancake, as commonly referred, has found love from both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian folks. Light, healthy and flavourful, dosa can be prepared in a variety of ways and served with a range of filling.

Eating dosa from outside on a regular basis is not a feasible option for health and hygiene reasons. Instead you should try preparing it at home with healthy ingredients and oil. However, if you are new to cooking, preparing dosa at home may seem like an ambitious undertaking. But wait till we introduce to you to the all-new KENT Chilla & Dosa Maker. You can also choose to call this product dosa making machine, because the appliance is created to prepare the best and evenly shaped dosas with minimal effort.

Before you go ahead and purchase this product, here is a complete guide to the features and usage of this revolutionary appliance. Read on!

kent dosa maker

Hassel-Free Use 

Spreading the dosa batter on a hot flat pan (tava) using traditional techniques can be nerve wracking. It requires years of practice and skills. The inability to get the perfect shape and thickness may be dissuading you to prepare dosa at home. It’s time to toss away that hesitation.  Here is a step by step guide for making dosa in a hassle-free way -

Step 1 – Plug the dosa maker to heat the base
Step 2 – Now, hold the handle of the appliance, flip and slightly touch the base of the pan on top of the bowl containing the batter
Step 3- Immediately hold back to its original position
Step 4- Let the sides of the dosa turn brown and crispy. You may also add a little oil or butter at this point. The health conscious can skip the oil.
Step 5- Within minutes the dosa will be cooked to perfection and ready to be served
Step 6 - Repeat this procedure to make as many dosas as you want.

A freshly prepared batch of dosa batter can be stored up to 2-3 days. So, prepare the batter in advance and store it in your fridge. To fix a quick breakfast or snack, just take out the batter, plug the dosa machine and let the magic happen.

Promotes Healthy Cooking

The dosa that you get at any restaurant or street has a lot of oil. Thanks to the non-stick base of this dosa making machine, you will be required to use very little oil. Also, you can customize the batter as per your preference. You can use a wide range of flours to prepare healthy dosa batter at home. For instance, you can use oatmeal, green lentil or even quinoa to prepare the batter. If you are on a weight loss mission or your doctor has put you on a restricted diet, the Chilla & Dosa Maker shall prove to be a boon.

Dosa & Beyond 

Dosa is not the only dish you can prepare with this appliance. Besides, dosa you can also prepare chila, pancakes, omelet and crepes with this appliance. Now, your breakfast table will no longer look boring and repetitive. You can prepare a wide variety of breakfast dishes within no time.

Easy Storage

The Chilla & Dosa maker from KENT is not just easy to handle and use, but is also very convenient to store. Some appliances are very useful, but extremely bulky and inconvenient for everyday use. But that’s not the case with this new age smart appliance. Sleek and lightweight, the product is built to cook and serve immediately. Therefore, you will always rely on the product, if you want to make a quick breakfast or meal. Once done using, you can easily clean the non-stick surface of the pan and store it in the kitchen cabinet with minimal fuss. No matter how small the kitchen unit, you will always find a storage space for this appliance.

Modern day cooking is all about convenience and efficiency. Thanks to KENT, kitchen appliances are getting a facelift and built around practicality and convenience. The Chilla & Dosa Maker by KENT is a testimony to that endeavour.

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