13 Tips to make your Hair Longer

13 Tips to make your Hair Longer

To get long hairs is the dream of every girl out there. Those long, luxurious and gorgeous hair is what you need, but still you don’t know how to make your hair longer. But don’t worry, today I am going to tell you the best-known home remedies for long hair that will make your hair grow longer than ever.If you will use these remedies, you will definitely see improvement in the length of your hairs.

Tips for Longer Hair:

Don’t Shampoo Often:

Shampoo is used to clean out dirt from your hair. But your hair also produces natural oil, which if you shampoo daily will wash away all of that natural oil from your hairs. Your hairs need oil to maintain a balance between with your skin. So shampoo only two a week.

Oil your hair every time before shampoo: 

Oiling your hair to its roots provides them nutrition and strength with will helps them in growing and nourishing them. Use any oil like almond or amla oil and apply them 1-2 hours before shampooing your hair.

13 Tips to make your Hair Longer

Use Conditioner

Conditioning your hair protect them from towel damage plus they also provides protein to your hair which helps them to get longer. You can use any natural hair conditioner instead of using any chemical based conditioner
Regularly trim your hair

Regularly cutting your hair helps to get rid of split ends that causes problem to your hair. So trim your hair every 9-11 weeks.

Don’t use towel

Using towel after shampooing your hair can make your hair rough and cause breakage. Use some soft cloth instead of hard towel to dry off your hair and gently dry your hair.

Don’t use too many products

Using too many products like using hair straightener too often can damage your hair instead use some natural products like instead of using all those products you can make Amla, Reetha and Shikakai hair oil, Shampoo/Cleanser and Hair Masques. Using nature made products will make them healthier and help them grow faster.

Eat well

Eating protein and other vitamin and minerals also helps your hair to grow faster. As the food you eat will also affect your hair.

Try Hair Supplement

Like I said above that your diet and nutrition also affects your hair growth. But we don’t get proper nutrition from our foods. That’s why we need to take some supplements to complete our daily nutrition requirement. Use some specialized hair supplements that will affect your hair health.You can consult your doctor first to which supplement to take according to your body needs.

13 Tips to make your Hair Longer

Massage your hair

Massaging your head and hair will improve the blood circulation of your head which will helps your hair in their growth. Use can use some hair oil to massage them as it will provide double benefits,

Combing your hair

Comb your hair twice a day. My recommendation would be to use a wide tooth comb as this will not create too much friction between your hair and comb. Proper combing can also work wonder for your hair if done right.

Steam you hair

Steaming your hair helps them to keep hair scalp healthy. Just dip towel in hot water and squeeze it to remove excess water from it. Now cover your hair with that towel and left it for 10 minutes. This will open up and clean up pores of your hair which will encourage hair growth.

Use Hair Mask

Hair mask will repair hair damage and them in nourishing. You can use above mentioned Amla, Shikakai and Reetha Hair Masque as it is natural hair mask and will help you in the long run. Use hair mask once in a week.

Cool off your Hair

After shampooing your hair with hot water, it will make your hair rough and dry. After cleaning your hair, clean it again with cold water.

So, these were the some of the tips for hair growth. After following all these tips, your hair’s length will definitely improve. How much will it increase is entirely up to you and how you use these methods.

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