Go Natural, Get Gorgeous at Home with Banjara's!

In the present time, natural remedies and nature-based beauty products are gaining momentum. The best part about natural beauty products is they have no side effects, and they fulfill their claims to a great extent.
Banjara's is one of the beauty brands which has brought back natural skin and hair care products back in trend. Their products are inexpensive. Hence they turn out to be an economical option as well. I believe that it is always better to treat your skin with products which have natural ingredients and natural extracts as you clear idea of what you are putting onto your skin and hair. This trend of resorting to nature for beauty and health have their origin in ancient texts. Banjara's beauty products are safe to use than chemically infused skin care products, and they make a broad range of products which caters to personal needs of the entire family.

Banjara's provide a range of products with unique blend of multani and herbs for bright and glowing skin. Here is my favorite face pack recipe to treat sun tan and blemish.

Multani Tan Removal Face pack:

Banjara's multani rose pack powder - 1 tsp
Banjara's orange peel powder - 1 tsp
Curd - 1tsp

Mix all the above ingredients and make a lump free paste out of it, apply it to clean face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Use this face pack twice a week to get rid of tan and blemishes. Banjara's is the name I trust while preparing face mask for home remedies, as it is mandatory to use pure ingredients to get the desired effects.

Banjara's has been widening their range of beauty products, and they have stepped into the world of face washes and creams; even these products have natural extracts as their key ingredients. Their products are neither tested on animals nor have animal products. Do you want to get your hands on Banjara's newly launched products like Brazilian black henna dye, face wash, and papaya face pack? You can get a free sample of Banjara's products before getting a full-size product, Isn't it awesome! To know more click HERE.

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