The Good Crusaders

Meet the captains who steer the ship of change and inspiration. The Good Crusaders are the exemplary beings of enriching the lives of thousands of people. 100 Pipers with Times of India collaborate for an initiative to bring the people on stage who never stop to work for the good of the nation, its causes and justice. A program on Times Now it mirrors the point of #beremembered for good.

1.Indrani Malkani      

Giving a graceful opening the show Good Crusaders, Indrani Malkani refers to Mumbai as the city of opportunities and a city full of colorful contrasts. The Leader in the formation of ALM (Advance Locality Management committee), she began the journey of challenging the issues in society like ineffective system of collecting waste from door to door  and the disgraceful manner the municipal workers deal with it. A Kolkata born, a lady who worked years in Delhi made Mumbai her home and raised her child in the city. She is also known as the School Bus lady and has been active in making peace between the residents and street hawkers by creating a zone for hawkers. Her speech in its entirety and her active engagement in the civic and social issue inspire me to reflect and motivate people to make change, positive on the humans and the environment as a whole.

2.Bittu Sahgal

A 1947 born, Bittu Sahgal is the founder and editor of Sanctury Asia and Cub magazines. He says that he is trying to stop his generation from colonizing the next. He remembers the earlier times when it was practically possible to fetch water from nearby water resources and the bounty of forests and nature. It is nothing less than a inspiration for us to take these little valuable points in concern and start building on the good base and work on the betterment for our lives.

3.Chetna Gala Sinha

Chetna, who is raised in Mumbai was part of the public life and student’s movement during her school period itself. She mentions that she met her husband during her time in student’s movement, who was a farmer by occupation. She shifted with him to the rural area. She soon went ahead to become the founder and President of Mann Deshi Mahila Sahkari Bank which is a micro finance bank lending to women in villages. She believes in a positive growth by making women a part of entrepreneurial activities.  She sets a respectful example of a woman being able to achieve progress even in the locations that are still to develop.

Tune in and witness the difference.

Posted by: Prathistha

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