How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

Body odor is a major problem faced by both men and women. It is caused by excessive sweating and by bacteria which breaks down the acid in sweat. To get rid of the body odor we depend on chemical laden deodorants.

Let us have a brief look about harmful chemicals in deodorants:

1. Parabens are one of the harmful preservative used in skincare products. It is known to cause cancerous tumors.

2. Aluminium has been known to speed up the development of Alzheimer disease.

3. Triclosan is a common ingredient which is used in deodorant to act on bacteria. It has been known to cause hormonal imbalance and cancer.

4. Chemical fragrance has been known to cause hormonal imbalance and allergic reaction.

Now the Big question is, Is it possible to get rid of body odor with the help of natural ingredients? Yes, you can and the best part is, it is effective and free from side effects. The main ingredients which is used in preparation of the home made deodorant are coconut oil, corn flour, baking soda and essential oil.

How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

Coconut oil nourishes and moisturises the skin while acting as a anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Baking soda act as an exfoliant and help in brightening the skin.It also kills bacteria and absorb the excess sweat. Corn flour powder minimizes the odor. Essential oil is a natural ingredient that helps in adding fragrance to the deodorant. Along with scent essential oil also has health benefits. Lemon essential oil helps in decreasing hyper pigmentation. Tea tree oil help in controlling bacteria and minimizing body odor. Vitamin E helps act as an antioxidant and prevent the spoilage of the product.

How To Make Home Made Deodorant?


Baking soda-1/2 cup
Corn flour powder- 1/2 cup
Coconut oil- 3 Tbsp
Essential oil- 10 drops
Vitamin E capsule -1


1. Mix dry ingredients baking soda, corn flour powder together.

2. Add coconut oil to it and mix it thoroughly.

3. Add essential oil and vitamin E to it.

4. Mix it clump free.

5. Put it in to a container and allow it to set.

How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

How to use the homemade natural deodorant?

Take a dollop of homemade deodorant and apply it to clean and dry underarms. Massage the deodorant until they are absorbed, now you are free from body odor for 8 hours, Isn't it awesome?

How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

How To Make Homemade Natural Deodorant?

CC Tips:

* To speed up the solidification you can keep it in the freezer for 20 minutes.
* You can use any clean container as well as old roll on deodorant container to fill the home made deodorant.
* Even empty lip balm container can be used to store deodorant, they come in handy during travel.

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