The Best gift I received from a friend and why?

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a thoughtful gesture by someone special, we all love to receive gifts. We usually fall in love with gifts instantly, but sometimes a gift takes few days to grow on us. Last month I had a similar experience when I received an air filter for home as a friendship gift! Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd, and I had a similar reaction when I opened my gift.

At that time, even though I was grateful for the gesture, I couldn’t help but think, why an air purifier as a gift! I wondered why my friend thought of getting me an air filter for home. But nevertheless, I put it to use dutifully every day. In the next few days, I noticed few positive changes, such as, lesser dust inside the house. My allergies too seemed to diminish, and I felt healthier. That was the time when I started wondering the reason for such positive changes in my house. Finally, it struck me that the air purifier is the real boon for me and my family members.

In fact, I can now safely say it’s one of the best gifts I ever received from a friend, and the reasons are many.

Sneezing and winter allergies reduced

We can’t see them, but pollen, pet dander, and dusts particles are just a few of the impurities lurking inside our house and a major cause of winter allergies. As soon as I started using the water purifier as a gift, the first thing I noticed was that the sneezing and winter allergies of my family members seemed to diminish. I researched and found out that a good air purifier for home with HEPA and high CADR rating filter (like the one I received of Kent RO) can remove about 99.9% of dust particles. It can also clear the indoor air of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and filter out the airborne allergens.

Poor indoor air quality a thing of the past

Can you imagine waking up fresh each morning even when it’s too humid or foggy outside? Well, it’s a reality after having an air purifier at home! This is why I feel grateful to the wonderful gift I received recently. Since I have carpets in each room, which catch dust particles no matter how many times I get them cleaned, the air within the home too gets stuffy. But thankfully, the indoor air now feels fresh and breathable.

Dust mites, not such a horror anymore

Dust mites could be seen in every corner of the house - be it under the bed, near the windows, or behind the mirror! Cleaning them was a dreaded chore that I had to do each week, unless I wanted my place to look like an abandoned home within a couple of weeks. While the air purifier hasn’t run a magic wand on the dust particles entering my home, the frequency of cleaning the dust particles has gone down considerably. So finally, the dust mites have stopped encroaching my pad !

Ailments handled more easily 

The winter season and constant cough seemed to go hand in hand for the members at home before we started using the air purifier. To avoid falling ill, we needed to keep the level of pollutants as low as possible at home. But this winter, everyone seems to be in the best of health, and I guess we owe it to our new air purifier. Also if you have a sick family member, he/she will heal faster with an air purifier around. Your loved ones will get fresh air to breathe that will further boost their immune system.

De-stress with the air purifiers

Snoring with an interrupted sleep pattern depicts that the airways of a person are blocked. With the air purifier at home, I gradually started sleeping better and that too without any frequent breaks. Also, the pure air makes us feel calmer and more peaceful, hence has played a significant role in improving our bonding with each other.

Finally, my verdict on an air purifier is that it is a great gift which is useful for everyone. Being gifted one is a blessing in disguise for my family, and surely one of the best gifts I ever received.

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