How to Select Saree Blouse Design?

How to Select Saree Blouse Design?

We love festivals, don’t we? All the merriment, shopping, meeting long lost cousins and relatives, chatting away endless nights, attending dinner parties and get togethers… The festivities in our country has the charm that no other function can match. All that frenzy schedule will leave you wanting some serious rest thereafter! We can’t understate the shopping exercise and keeping our perfect outfit ready with matching accessories for those special evenings and pujas!

The heart starts racing now! OMG, what to wear? Irrespective of how many outfits we have in our magic wardrobe, we still fall short of options on that day. You must have thought about anarkalis, palazzos, dhoti pants and kurtas and many others and still be wondering what else can be added to the list of gorgeous wear. Lehengas and sarees are something you can never miss. Yes, even after clothing revolution online and offline, you cannot get enough of these feminine outfits.

Whether you shop for designer or traditional saree or a lehenga, one thing that may let your style quotient down is the blouse design. We explore and experiment with fashion trends that are abuzz with fancy hairstyles, standout hair colors, outfits, footwear, jewelry everything but somehow happen to turn a blind eye towards the blouse pattern. Not to blame you, we don’t have many options either, right? We don’t have much to explore in blouse designs and would judiciously pick one from the catalogue that our tailor hands out to us.

You can call it quits! Now, design your blouse patterns yourself. You decide what kind of blouse suits your saree or a lehenga. Enjoy the process of making your attire a memorable one by choosing best of the neckline and back designs, go crazy with sleeves designs; put all together and create a masterpiece of your own. Exciting??!

How to Select Saree Blouse Design For Diwali?

Here’s how!!! This infographic below helps you do everything that you ever wanted your blouse to look like. There are numerous necklines (front neck designs) in the infographic to choose from. High neck and boat neck designs are rage this festive season. Celebrities are seen in such designer blouse patterns on red carpets and promotional events. You can take inspiration from them and bring to life your own “designer blouse”. Back designs of the blouses need not be boring round or square anymore. Go backless, string tied, key hole backs, tear drop back…the options are open now. Wear your attitude with style. You will never be wearing the same blouse pattern again! Yes, that’s a promise.

You can use this infographic as you want; by downloading or printing it and keeping a copy with you every time you visit your tailor for getting your blouse stitched. Don the designer hat for your friends and galore compliments. Here’s an easy, Do-It-Yourself infographic to design your blouses.


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