Must Know Hong Kong Travel Tips

Must Know Hong Kong Travel Tips and Advice

Hong Kong is one of the world's most exciting city. I have sorted down Hong Kong travel tips and advice for you with my travel experience in that country.

Hong Kong Travel Tips 

Visa: Nationals of most countries do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong for travel, and India is one among that country. If you want to know whether you should get a visa to enter Hong Kong click Here

Language: English is widely spoken in Hong Kong. All official signs and announcements are bilingual. Most of the sales person, hotel employees, taxi drivers also speak English. In short, you can manage your trip with English knowledge.

Food: Don't miss trying out street snacks like egg waffle and fried octopus in ladies market. Most of the bakeries in Hong Kong offer Mouthwatering pastries. My favorites are egg tart, coconut, and pineapple bun, do give it a try. Hong Kong is a paradise for seafood lovers, you get impressive varieties of fishes. Many restaurants have live fish counters. Tsui Wah restaurant offer delicious food at an affordable price, and they have numerous branch across the place.

Shopping: Avoid buying things in the first shop of the market, you will find the same stuff for less price when you walk deeper. Avoid buying electronic items and USB in markets, as they hardly work well ( Believe me I purchased a couple of them and it did not work) Night and Ladies Market are the best places to buy souvenirs.

Disneyland: Disneyland is quite crowded during the weekend, it’s better to visit it during weekdays.
If you are travelling with kids to Disneyland opt for 2 Day pass, as it is quite easy to cover all the rides in 2 days.

Hongkong MRT: Buy Octopus card, they make MRT as well as Bus travel easy. They can be recharged easily in any 7 Eleven shops. Buses and MRT well connect the whole city. Take a bus from the airport to reach your hotel, they are cheap when compared to MTR and taxi.

Others: If you are travelling to Hong Kong between May to November always keep an umbrella and a rain coat handy.These months are hot, wet and humid. If you plan your trip around October do not miss national day fireworks which take place for 30 minutes near Victoria harbor. Hong Kong is a safe place. Yet, take care of your belonging and have a great trip.

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