5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Boob Gap in Button Down Shirt

Button down shirts is the best pick for an interview, meeting or even for a regular day at work. You can easily pair them with your favorite pencil skirt, trousers, and even denim. But one horrific problem that every girl faces when she wears a button down shirt is the boob gap. Also, girls with larger bust size often face this issue and many even give up on their favorite button down shirt. But the good news is that after you read our post we bet you would shop online for your favorite western shirt. Surprised? But yes, we give you quick fixes on how you can prevent the boob gap and wear the iconic ladies fashion western shirts like a pro. Read further and find out the 5 easy and innovative ways that you can try to hide the gaping.

       5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Boob Gap in Button Down Shirt

Hack1: Go for a size up button down shirt

If you are wearing a smaller size shirt then you can definitely suffer from the gaping wardrobe malfunction. Instead of looking a mess in public you can pick a bigger size button down shirt that will prevent exposing your bosom. 

Hack 2: Try the sticky back Velcro

This is possibly the best and safest way to hide gaping. All you would need is a sturdy sticky back Velcro which you can easily stick it on your shirt and voila forget the peek a boo show. Make sure you invest in a high-quality Velcro that will never cause any faux pas.

Hack 3: Never wear push up bra with button down shirt, in fact go for dual button shirts:

A proper size bra can do wonders to your button down shirt. We recommend you to avoid wearing push up bra that would elevate the chances of boob gap. Instead, you can wear a minimizer bra, underwire bra that will prevent gapping. You can even invest in a good camisole that will fix this issue easily. It is also a safe bet to go for shirts with dual buttons as showed in image it will ensure you don’t face a Peek-a-boo movement.

 5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Boob Gap in Button Down Shirt

Hack 4: Hide your modesty with a concealed zipper

Bring an end to your boob gap worries with concealed zipper. You can DIY this by stitching an invisible zipper inside your shirt and forget about gapping. Team your ultra chic button down shirt with pencil skirts and don't forget to wear cuteflat sandals for women.

 5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Boob Gap in Button Down Shirt

Hack 5: Pick custom made shirts

Become a self-made fashion designer, go to your favorite tailor and ask them to stitch a proper fit button down shirt that will snuggle into your body perfectly and never do any embarrassing show. Shop with us and get the premium quality, fashionable button-down shirts that will bring an inspiring look. Make sure to shop for classy bags for ladies online inIndia.

 5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Boob Gap in Button Down Shirt

Summary: Don't stop wearing your favorite button down shirt, try these easy hacks and forget gaping woes. We hope this article helps you in solving your boob gap issue, let us know how do you hide your boob gap in the comments below.

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