Top 5 Diet Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss

Top 5 Diet Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose some weight and having a hard time doing it, try these five tips today to kick start your weight loss. Always remember that you can reach your ideal weight and maintain it easily by changing your lifestyle and not by fad crash diets which takes your body for a ride. Use these diet tips and you will see the scales on your weighing scale going down in a healthy way.

 Top 5 Diet Tips to Kick Start Weight Loss

1. Yes To Breakfast:

It has been proved that dieters who eat high fiber and protein breakfast lose more weight that the dieters who skip their breakfast. For a healthy and filling diet go for scrambled eggs and salad in the morning.

2. Five Portion Of Fruits & Veggies:

Those who are trying to lose weight must make sure that they eat five portions of fruits and vegetables daily. It will make you feel fuller with less amount of calories and fat, and you also load your self with essential nutrients. Here is a list of fiber rich foods that will make you feel fuller through out the day: Apple, oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, berries, pear, prunes and carrots.

3. Yes to Water:

Water helps in suppressing your appetite and increase your metabolic rate. Drinking water aids in the prevention of water retention and flushing out the toxin.

4. Watch Your Carbs:

Even after eating a healthy diet if you struggle to lose weight, do check on the amount of carbs that you are having at one meal. If you are aiming to lose a few kg you should seek to have a fistful of carbs and not more than that.

5. Limit The Intake of White Devils:

Limit your intake of white flour, sugar, and salt. These white devils hinder you from losing the pounds and reaching your goal . White flour is processed to death; it does not have any nutritional value and it messes up your blood sugar. Say yes to sugar in fruits and no to processed white sugar, which is just a chunk of useless junk ( < remember this for life). Increased amount of salt intake leads to water retention and more craving for salty food. Avoid these three and say yes to a fit body. If you are looking out for a permanent weight loss, you can check out "6 Steps to achieve permanent weight loss" for more tips.

All the best for your weight loss journey!

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