Dior J'adore Perfume Review

Product Description: Dior J'adore perfume is the great Dior floral for women with a generous and well-balanced bouquet, and its richness is a source of inspiration. By celebrating Ylang Ylang from the Comoro Islands, Damask Rose and Sambac Jasmine, J'adore Eau de Parfum unites the noblest of flowers from the garden of ingredients. The flowing and sensual curves of its amphora shaped bottle have made it a legendary fragrance. A sensuous and refined fragrance that has become a legend.  

J'adore Eau de perfume has stuck around for quite some time in the fragrance industry. It was introduced in 1999, yet it is adored by many! Including Me. What makes this perfume desirable for such a long time? Read on to know why...

Price: Rs. 8000 (100ml)

Dior J'adore EDP Ingredient List

Beautiful J'adore Bottle

  Unique Long Neck Cap

The bottle is beautiful and it looks great on the dressing table. It opens with top notes of a fruity group and a hint of a floral and citrus mix. The heart notes include plum, tuberose, rose jasmine and lily. Eventually, it settles down into a pinch of vanilla, blackberry, cedar and light musk. J'adore has layers of interesting notes; you never get bored of it. It is so versatile it can be worn to complement a suit or a stunning little black dress.

J'adore is feminine enough to be worn in winter and sweet and floral enough to worn in spring and summer, it is an excellent choice of perfume for any age. It is neither overpowering nor too light, and you don't have to drench yourself in it, just a couple of Spitz and the fragrance lingers for 10+ hours. 

It is a tad pricey but it does worth it, as it can be worn for any occasion and throughout the year. In short J'adore is sensuality, sophistication and femininity wrapped in an alluring bottle.  If you are a fan of floral and fruity fragrance, it is a must try for you.

What is your favourite perfume?
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