Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

Having tried different hair colors from natural-looking blondes, browns and reds to eccentric lavender, pink and blue tones, at some point we come to understanding that the hair color, given to us by nature isn’t all that bad at all. Certainly, there’s always something to improve – to add intensity to your hair color, to introduce some warmer notes or go a shade darker/lighter… These goals can be achieved without exposure to aggressive chemical ingredients, containing in commercial hair color products. Natural hair dyes don’t make a drastic hair color change, but they ennoble your natural hair color, add shine and strength to your locks.

Homemade Hair Dyes

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

Nature is prolific, it has a substitute for most commercial colorants. Herbal rinses, for instance, refresh your basic hair color and give it lovely luster. Lemon, honey and cinnamon can make your hair 2-3 shades lighter. Hibiscus flowers, calendula, henna are great natural red pigments for redheads and brunettes who want to enhance a reddish hue. Dark brown hair colors can be improved with coffee or black tea brews, oak bark or walnut leaves. So, if your goal is not to change your hair color dramatically, you may try the following simple, cheap and safe natural hair color recipes.

The most of ingredients you’ll need can be found in your kitchen – herbs, fruit peels, honey, coffee, black tea, wine, etc. The rest can be picked up during a walk. You’ll also need a bowl and plastic wrap. Your hair color may not change exponentially after the first procedure, but your locks will instantly become shinier and stronger. If your hair is greasy, herbs will help with this issue too. If you want to achieve the best results, it’s recommended to apply hair infusions or rinses with every hair wash.

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blonde Hair

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

No secret that staying in the sun makes your hair lighter, however, you can enhance this effect and enrich your blonde hair hue with herbal rinses. Chamomile flowers, calendula flowers and lemon are standard coloring ingredients for blondes.

Mix 3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers, 3 tablespoons of calendula flowers and the same amount of finely ground lemon peel. Pour the mix with 2 glasses of water and bring the infusion to the boil. Leave for 3 hours to cool down and infuse properly. Then strain and add 2 tea spoons of apple vinegar. Apply the rinse on wet freshly washed hair.

A simpler recipe suggests adding 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the previously prepared chamomile infusion.

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Red Hair

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

Hibiscus flowers are sometimes referred to as “red gold”. Use hibiscus and calendula flowers to prepare a rinse that intensifies red hair color. Steep 2 table spoons of hibiscus flowers and the same amount of calendula flowers in 2 cups of boiling water. Strain the infusion when it’s warm and add one glass of red wine. Mix and massage the solution into your hair. Leave for 30 minutes. Use plastic wrap for better activation of the solution.

Infusion of onion skins is another popular rinse for red hair that is quick and easy to make. Pour a handful of onion skins with 5 cups of water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Let it cool down, and then strain.

One more very easy rinse for red hair is prepared with cinnamon. Pour 2 table spoons of cinnamon with 2 cups of hot water. Let it cool down, strain and rinse your hair after wash.

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Brown Hair

Natural Hair Color Recipes For Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads

Put a handful of oak bark and the same amount of walnut leaves into a bowl, add a few tablespoons of black tea. Pour the mixture with boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain and use as a hair rinse. Oak tree is also a potent remedy against dandruff. Black tea may used alone as a darkening rinse, whenever you are short on time to prepare the 3-component rinse.

One question often asked by brunettes is “How to dye your hair with coffee?” You can really achieve a beautiful nutty brown hue if you regularly use finely ground strong espresso brew as a hair rinse. The ratio is 1 ½ cups of coffee to 3 cups of water. Use the rinse once it cools down. Let the coffee rinse stay on your hair for 20-30 minute. Use plastic wrap.

Note that herbal hair dyes may need repeated applications to build up the color. Anyway, you are using much safer ingredients than those containing in the boxes with hair dyes from a store. So, it’s only your desire and time to prepare a natural dyeing solution. Good luck!

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