8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

The Internet is bombarded with overreacting women stereotype jokes, but the real reason for her reaction is often forgotten. Here are some common mistakes made by their spouse that triggers the cranky wife behaviour, avoid these mistakes to make your married life a happier one. Remember, Happy Wife = Happy Life.

1. Unappreciative

 Women take the effort to look pretty for you, they change their hair, paint their nails and do their makeup just to look pretty for you (read respective husband). Take time to appreciate her efforts, start complimenting her, show that you care and notice her efforts.

2. Express Your Love Before It Is Too Late

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

Believe it or not, there are a few men who dont express their love to their wife, till her last breath. Crying and cribbing over her grave is going to do no good to you, show your love to her while she is alive and kicking. Like a plant needs water,every relationship needs love to grow and thrive, Say "I love you" to your wife at least once a week, make her feel loved and special.

3. Emotionally Unavailable

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

Men think that their physical presence in the home will make their wife happy, no it is not enough. Women are emotional creatures,so please do spend some "quality couple time", do some activity together ( like gardening, hiking or working out ) and create a bond with her. Even helping her with the household chores will bring you both together.

4. Small Gestures

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

Surprise her once in a while, give a break to the usual boring routine. You don't have to be dramatic with your surprises;rather a simple yet romantic dinner, movie night, small gifts, even a single rose from you can brighten up her day.

5. Toxic Comparison

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

Comparing your wife to your mother or your EX is not going to do any good to your relationship. Every person is unique and nice in his or her own way, try to appreciate that rather than comparing and poisoning your love relationship. If you think that your Ex is better than your wife, remember - "Grass is always greener on the other side"

6. Low on Communication

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

Communication is like oxygen for women; it is an essential element for a successful marriage; But most men believe in the habit of shutting things out. Stop shutting your wife out of your life, start to share your day with her and show some genuine interest in the things going on in her life. Even while starting a friendship, you tend to spend time with an individual to create the bond, if that is the case with a casual friendship, think about the time you need to invest for a successful marriage.

One important thing, when your wife calls you while you are at work, and if you happen to be busy, tell that politely to her. There is no need to yell at her and shun her away from calling you, even if you are a NASA researcher,"family comes first".

7. Never Saying Sorry

Many husbands see apologising as a classic sign of weakness even if the mistake is on their part. All relationships have conflict at times; if the mistake is on your part, do apologise and soothe her spirit.

8. Making Her Feel Insecure

8 Mistakes Men Make In Marriage

 Staring at beautiful woman is fine, but passing flirtatious comments is not welcome. By continually repeating this behaviour you can make your wife feel insecure. Avoid going gaga over another woman. Even men don't like their wife going gaga over the six pack of  Matthew McConaughey or any other guy. If your wife has started to feel insecure and when she voices it out, do not take it lightly or tease her about it when she is upset; give her the assurance she seeks and ease up her mind.

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