Lomi Lomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Review

Lomi Lomi 7 Days Scheduler Mask Review

Lomi lomi 7 skin scheduler mask has been designed to be used from Monday to Sunday. Each mask has different key ingredients to fulfill its unique purpose. These mask sheets are free from Parabens, Animal proteins, Mineral oil, GMO, Sulfate, Pigments and Benzophene. These masks are made out of Air sheet masks which has air holes that shrink to fit the surface as dried.

Price: $24 for 7 Mask sheets from www.Skin18.com

How to use? All the the mask sheets should be evenly spread over clean face and left for 15-30 minutes. Gently pat the skin with fingers after removing the mask until the serum is observed. Do not rinse the face for minimum 2 hours.

Lomi Lomi 7 Days Scheduler Mask Review

Lomi Lomi 7 Days Scheduler Mask Review

I used all these mask in the evening, after cleaning my skin free of all the makeup traces. I left the masks  for 20 minutes, massaged it with finger tips for 2 minutes and rinsed it off after 2 -3 hours.

Lomi Lomi 7 Days Scheduler Mask Review

1. Monday, Aloe Juicy Mask:

Aloe mask is cool and refreshing, it would be a perfect companion for a sunny afternoon treat. I had a mild tingling sensation for a few minutes after applying this mask, but it subsided within a couple of minutes. The next day morning I was able to see a visible difference in the skin pore size.

2. Tuesday, Ginkgo Anti-wrinkle Mask:

Touchwood, I don't have wrinkles on my face, so I couldn't comment on its effect on treating it. I was able to find that the mask made my skin supple and nourished.

3. Wednesday, Grapes Whitening Mask:

Extract of grapes has the ability to irritate sensitive skin, glad it worked well for me without any allergic reaction. This mask did have some visible effect on my dark circles and blemishes

Lomi Lomi 7 Days Scheduler Mask Review

4. Thursday,  Cucumber Bouncing Mask:

Bouncing mask has the mild, soothing fragrance and goodness of cucumber, it left my skin with minimized pores and clean up like effect.

5.  Friday, Acerola Recovery Mask:

Acerola is a fruit rich in vitamin C and A. It has been used to prevent scuvey, heart disease and  cancer. This mask made my skin vibrant and glowing.

6.  Saturday, Pomegranate Vital Mask:

Pomegranate mask has a strong fragrance when compared to other masks. This mask has been designed to provide antioxidants and energise the skin, it made my skin supple and well nourished.

7. Sunday, Jasmine Healing Mask:

The final mask, with sweet  and flowery fragrance of Jasmine made to cure dry and tiresome skin made mine glowing. bouncy and lively (Facial like effect)

Over the course of a week, 7 skin scheduler masks have worked wonders on my skin. It reduced the pore size, made my skin soft, supple, vibrant, lively, healthy and nourished. It also had a little effect on my blemishes and tan. It did not break me out or lead to blackheads. The only downside of this mask is, its price but it does worth each penny. If you are 'IN' for instant effect you will love this mask.

CC Rating: 4.5/5

* If you have oily skin, rinse the face after 1-2 hour.
* Checkout skin 18 coupon code to buy these masks at a discount price.
* If you have sensitive skin don't leave the mask for not more than 15 minutes and wash it off after an hour
* These masks will give your skin a revamp and come in handy esp if you have a special date or occasion ahead.

Have you tried any Korean mask sheets?

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