Nail Art using French Tip Guides

This is an easy nail art using the French nail tip guides, you will be needing the following things for the nail art.

*Nail polish 2 different shades
*French nail tip guides
* Top Coat

Nail Art using French Tip Guides:

1. Apply nail polish of your choice and allow it to dry completely.
2. Apply the tip guide across the curve of the nail.
3. Apply the nail polish to the area above the tip guide.
4. Remove the sticker before the polish gets dried.
5. Seal your nail art with top coat.

  • Apply a base coat  before applying any coloured polish to avoid yellow nails.
  • Tip guides are available in different shapes.
  • Applying top coat prevents chipping. 
  • Use contrast colours to get the most out of this nail art.
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