Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme Review

Hello to all the readers! Well, I am today going to review one of the Lakme products and which was launched in early 2015 i.e. Lakme 9 to 5 insta light instant glow crème. Most of us have already seen the advertisement of this product with lots of claims on instant glow to the face and yes, no doubt the advertisement succeeded in pursuing so many ladies (including me) to get hold of this cream. What actually was catchy to ears and eyes was the term “instant” which all of us need at this moment, be it college going girls or working women, no one wants to spend forever to get their faces glowing. So we prefer to have such face creams instead!

Product claims: 
It is a unique glow crème that gives you instant glow.
Luminising pearls and mineral powder you get instant skin shine.
Has sunscreen.

Price: INR 79.00 for 20 g.

Shelf life: 24 months/ 2 years from packaging.

Packaging: it comes in a pretty little outer package, silver coloured and shiny pink contouring the silver. Inside is the regular kind of tube in silver with all directions and required information printed in pink. I find the packaging cute and pretty handy.

Directions of usage:
Take 2 dollops on the tips of your fingers and lightly touch and blend into your skin.

How did it go with me?
Well, I had really thought it to work at least on some of its claims, only that it didn't and that wasn't good to know, first because I don’t look ahead to complete false claims from ‘Lakme’, second that it makes me think that almost every such cream wont work at all. The term ‘instant’ is not the correct terms for this crème really! Although, as for a regular cream it is no problem, it provides smooth texture and right amount of fragrance. It lacks hydration so it will not work for the dry skin  but it gives a matte effect on the oily skin. When used in excess it leaves a white cast on skin. Anyway, I prefer ‘Olay’ better than this.

Neat packaging
Fairly priced
Even texture
No breakout
Pleasant fragrance
Matte effect on oily skin

False claims
Not long lasting
White cast when used in excess
Sunscreen level not mentioned (quite dubious)

CC Rating: 3/5

There are better face creams in the market if you’re looking for some factual effects for the amount you spend.

Posted by Pratishtha
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