Lakme 9 To 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme Review

Hello to all the readers! Well, I am today going to review one of the Lakme products and which was launched in early 2015 i.e. Lakme 9 to 5 insta light instant glow crème. Most of us have already seen the advertisement of this product with lots of claims on instant glow to the face and yes, no doubt the advertisement succeeded in pursuing so many ladies (including me) to get hold of this cream. What actually was catchy to ears and eyes was the term “instant” which all of us need at this moment, be it college going girls or working women, no one wants to spend forever to get their faces glowing. So we prefer to have such face creams instead!
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9 Must Visit Places In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant place for tourism, Here is a list of  "9 Must visit places in Hong Kong " based on my personal experience.
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How to save more on your Online Shopping with Freecouponindia?

How to save more on your Online Shopping?

Shopping online is fun and convenient. But what if you can double your happiness while purchasing your items? Surprised? Wait till you read more about it. Every online site opens up exciting offers for their customers on their purchases. You will be entitled to a certain percentage of discounts so that you can enjoy great deals. But with Freecouponindia you can double your chances of getting attractive discounts on every purchase.

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Lace wedding Dresses from LandyBridal

Hello beautiful readers! My last post was pretty much about wedding and wedding dresses, and it’s never enough to describe the charm of lovely wedding dresses, moreover who doesn't love to talk about wedding its equally enticing for all of us. So I yet again get you a bit of insight on the wedding dresses, in particular lace wedding dresses. There is a lot to know about these and you will get more and more interested as we follow up!

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Beautiful Nude Lips from ColorBar: Iced 026 Review

 Perfect Nude Lips from ColorBar: Iced 026 Review

Doesn't every woman need a lipstick that gives her  perfect nude lips? I was hunting down for my nude lip color for a few years, yup you heard me right for YEARS,  finally after this long search I have got hold of Colorbar extra durable lip color Iced 026

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Nail Art using French Tip Guides

This is an easy nail art using the French nail tip guides, you will be needing the following things for the nail art.

*Nail polish 2 different shades
*French nail tip guides
* Top Coat

Nail Art using French Tip Guides:

1. Apply nail polish of your choice and allow it to dry completely.
2. Apply the tip guide across the curve of the nail.
3. Apply the nail polish to the area above the tip guide.
4. Remove the sticker before the polish gets dried.
5. Seal your nail art with top coat.

  • Apply a base coat  before applying any coloured polish to avoid yellow nails.
  • Tip guides are available in different shapes.
  • Applying top coat prevents chipping. 
  • Use contrast colours to get the most out of this nail art.
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Beach Wedding Dresses from CocoMelody

 Hola readers! For a reason still anonymous, I have always loved talking about wedding and all that follows ahead of it. Be it a very traditional one or any kind of wedding, they always charm each one of us reading the post right now, whatsoever! Well, one of the most chic kind of destination weddings is “beach wedding”, ooh we all would opt for it!
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October 2015 Fab Bag Review

October month's fab bag theme is "Get set to Celebrate"  The bag was looking stunning in bright pink and red along with gold sequence, it pairs up beautifully with bright coloured traditional dresses.

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How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails Quickly?

Main culprit that cause yellow nails is nail polish, especially the pigments in the dark colour nail polish leave yellow stains on your nails. Here is an easy way to get rid of yellow nails at home using lemon and baking soda. Both the ingredients are well known for its bleaching property.
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