Fab Bag September 2015 Review

Fab Bag September 2015 Review
Fab Bag September 2015 Review

September month's bag is quite special for subscribers as well as the crew members, it is their 3rd Anniversary Bag. Fab bag has been through ups and downs, but now they have got hold of the formula to WOW their subscribers regularly with unique bags, themes and new brands.

Fab Bag September 2015 Review

September anniversary bag is glittery in a reddish pink colour and soft sandpaper like texture, you can pair it up with any black coloured outfit and you will look FAB!

This month I have received 3 Full size and 3 sample size products. Come on, let's have a looks at it.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix concealer ( Full Size: Rs.550)

makeup revolution concealer review

The shade I have received is C11 it exactly matches my skin tone.  I tried it on my acne scars as well as my dark circles. It did a good job hiding my dark circles, as the shade was my exact skin colour it did not have much coverage on acne marks, I am happy with the product, it is a fuzz free quick fix to get beautiful under eyes in a jiffy.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water ( Full Size: Rs. 250)

 Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water review

I have read many raving review for Kama products, finally I have got my hands on it. Kama Rose water has been extracted through steam distillation method to maintain purity and Hygiene. It comes in a spray type bottle and a whiff of it takes me to freshly bloomed rose garden. Oily skin beauties Spritz a couple of spray after face wash to tighten the pores and restore skin pH level.

Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir (Full Size: Rs. 985)

Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir review

Just Herbs products has never put be down, I  have high hopes for this night serum which claims to nourish and restore skins glow and youthfulness. It also has plant extracts that helps with spots and pigmentations. This serum comes in a dropper type glass bottle and it has ayurvedic medicine kind of fragrance. I will come up with a detailed review soon.

TheBalm Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain: ( Sample Size )

TheBalm Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain review swatch

Stainiac is a reddish pink coloured gel stain which can be used for lips as well as cheeks. However, as it is a gel based formula and have a jam like consistency I prefer using it as a lip stain than applying it on the cheeks. It gives a natural red tinge to the lips with one coat but if you are in for dark red lips you can build up the colour by giving more coats. It stays on for 5 hours. Don't forget to add a dash of lip balm to your lips after applying lip stain to get the glossy effect and avoid dry lips.

SKINN by TITAN Celeste for Women + Raw for Men ( Sample Size ) 

skinn by titan review

I love perfumes and it is always better to try out the sample before going for the full size as fragrance has the ability to smell differently in each person according to their body chemistry. Celeste is an alluring and sophisticated scent with top notes of Jasmine and bloody orange. The sharp middle note of ginger and the subtlety conjuring end notes of amber and apricot. The end notes of the perfume reminds me of Burberry Classic. It has a staying power of 4 hours. Raw for men is a strong perfume and it stays on for 7 hours.

I have tried all the products in this month's bag and none of them has disappointed me. According to me shining stars of this month's bag are Kama rose water & Just herbs elixir .The cost of the bag was Rs.399 and I have got products worth Rs. 2000 (approximately) which is awesome. So what not to love about this bag, it is a big YAY! from me.

CC Rating: 5/5

What did you get in your Fab Bag?
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