7 Awesome Ideas to Store Your Beauty Products

Awesome Ideas to Store or organise Your Beauty Products
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According to Marie Kondo Konmari, the author of The Life changing Magic Of Tiding up, Decluttering and letting go of the products which doesn't spark love can actually help you lose weight, bring down acne and make you more happy. Do you need any more reasons to tidy up your beauty products? I don't think so. Once you organise, you might discover a long forgotten MAC compact or your favourite nail polish, so let us get started NOW! Here are 7 awesome ideas to organise or store your beauty products.

Why should You Organise?

Organising beauty products help you sort out the one you use from the one you don't. It also helps us to find out why you don't like a particular product and avoid making the same mistake in the future.  Organising makes life simpler and help in cutting down the hunt for products when you are in a hurry.

 ideas to organise beauty products

7 Awesome Ideas to Store Your Beauty Products

1. Acrylic Lipstick Holder:

 ideas to organise lipsticks and eyeliners

Acrylic lipstick holders are not only meant to organise the lipsticks, it can also be used to store your brushes, eye liner, concealer, mascara, lip liner and kajal. I have been using this to store the makeup items which I use regularly - the items which are appropriate for all occasions. It is available in different shapes and sizes, you can choose the one according to your need. I got mine from Ebay.

2. Coffee Mug:

 ideas to organise brushes

The Coffee mug is one of the inexpensive and easy method to store the brushes which you use frequently. You can also use a glass jar for storing brushes and q-tips.

3. Gift box:

 ideas to organise hair clips and bands
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Rectangle or square shaped gift box is an awesome way to store hair clips, bands and bobby pins. I usually lose my claw clips and end up buying new one each month, but after storing it in a single box, all my clips has stopped the vanishing act! If you are wondering where you can find this box, it is available in most of the fancy stores and Starmark.

4. Wooden Box:

how to store beauty products

Skin care products work their best when they are stored away from direct sunlight and protected from environmental factors. Storing the skin care products ( moisturisers & night creams ) in a wooden box is the best thing that you could do to save them. This box is from Starmark. You can also use a dark colour, thick cardboard box instead of a wooden one.

5. Watch box:

how to store beauty products

Bangles can be stored in the box which comes along with the watch, it is cute and compact. If you are currently out of  these boxes you can use anything with the similar dimensions (Small square or long rectangle box) for storage of bangles.

6. Shoe Box or Organiser Box:

how to store beauty products and nail polish

I have been using this organiser to keep all my nail polishes in one place, the flaps in them has helped me to put the polishes according to their brand. Before buying this organiser I was using a  simple cardboard box by cutting out the top and side flaps and covering the inside and outside with gift wrap.

7.  Storage Miniature:

how to store beauty products

Small transparent box or something similar to this miniature chest can be used to store safety pins, finger ring, toe ring or earrings. These miniature storages add an oomph to the dresser.

  • Store regular and special occasion beauty products separately.
  • Last but not the least keep the products back in place, Procrastination is the biggest EVIL
  • Go for rectangular and square shaped storages, as they are more compact than other shapes..

Hope you like my tips, Do share your storage ideas in the comment section :)

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