Guest Post: Celebrity Style Guide: Best Outfits in 2015

Celebrity Style Guide: Best Outfits in 2015
 Celebrity Style Guide:, jeans

Whoever’s been following the latest trends knows what a big hit denim is! Just when we thought that denim was over, a great change in trend happened and to all of our surprise, denim is now what you want to be seen in on A-list events, not just when picking up groceries on Saturday morning. And, to my personal satisfaction and satisfaction of many other stylists – it’s good that this youthful, easy style is taking over – after all, denim is so amazing that you can combine it with virtually any other color and/or fabric and still look absolutely amazing.

I’ve been working as a stylist for years now and I’ve always looked for ways to incorporate at least a touch of denim in someone’s outfit if, at the time, wasn’t in style. Now – I can finally share my wisdom with all of you sharing my passion for denim outfits and celebrity inspired combinations that will get everyone’s heads turning!

There are a few celebrities that have been catching the public’s eye recently with their gorgeous street style and I feel like we should give them a closer inspection. You know, fashion-wise.

I’d like to start with Mrs Kardashian West, or better – say whatever you want but the woman knows how to handle her curves and set trends! You know it, I know it and we may all as well accept it and move on, and hopefully pick up some of her clever ideas along the way.
 Celebrity Style Guide:, jeans, 2015 FASHION

The subject of my interest is one of her outfits in particular – the all-denim she pulled while on her shopping spree in Paris. She was spotted with her wavy locks down, in pair of super skinny jeans and a jean shirt tucked in which perfectly complimented her curvylicious figure. She opted for a classic, all-blue denim outfit and looked chic yet casual. Her nude pumps were what I would recommend to any short girl – they elongate the leg and help the otherwise seemingly effortless outfit get that extra oompf! By wearing this all-denim easy yet fabulous combo, she’s proved that denim isn’t only reserved for casual outings but as well for such high class moments like browsing through offers of big brands in Paris.  How break the denim monotony? Pair your all-denim look with your favourite coat in nude or black and a set of golden accessories.

 Celebrity Style Guide:, jeans

The second on my list is definitely her younger sister Kendall Jenner. It’s no surprise that I’ve picked her out of the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan as she is not only a model ( therefore has the entire range of great role models at sight to look up to) but has always expressed a uniqueness to her outfits. She is always youthful, chic and casual in her choices yet she wows us each and every time she leaves the house. She’ll put on a denim shorts, pair it up with a loose shirt, have her hair up in a messy bun and she’ll look like she’s spent hours getting ready when the outfit was probably a 2-minute decision for her. Amazing! How to accomplish the Kendall Jenner look? Match your designer accessory like a boot or a bag with a pair of vintage shorts and a high-street fashion top and you’ll turn heads!

 Celebrity Style Guide:, jeans, 2015 FASHION

Olivia Munn is my street style crush! Slim, tall and gorgeous, Munn always manages to look absolutely fabulous. I feel like she would look amazing wrapped in just a bag. As far as my stylist’s eye could catch, Olivia is all about accessorize and feeling comfortable with what she’s wearing. Her red carpet style is exceptional, but her street style is out of this world. I’ve always been one to love simple outfits that ooze personality, and Munn does just that – she finds a way to make even the simplest white blouse totally spectacular. For instance, she was recently spotted wearing a crisp white sleeveless shirt dress, coupled with leather caramel brown accessories that perfectly complimented her olive skin tone. On top of this cute and powerful look (yes, she knows how to put the two antipodal styles in one homogeneous beauty) she added a denim backpack she wore on one shoulder and huge sunnies. Simply wow! Wanna dress like Olivia? Pair a simple yet chic long dress with trendy pair of high heels adding natural make-up touches and you’re good to go!

About the Author: Peter is a celebrity fashion stylist from Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked with many popular Australian celebrities. Beside fashion, he loves cooking, reading and traveling around exotic destinations. His future plans are in creating a personal styling fashion blog.

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