7 Common Sunscreen Mistakes you should AVOID!

7 common sunscreen mistakes you should avoid

People think that crinkly skin, brown spots and wrinkles are all a part of aging process. They're not- they are signs of sun damage. Sunscreens are topical product applied on the skin to protect it from UV rays and sun burns. It comes in various types such as spray, lotion and cream. Chennai which is hot and sunny throughout the year makes sunscreen a must have in beauty regime.

Sunscreen protects us from
UV rays
Facial brown spots
Premature aging

To get the most out of the sunscreen avoid these 7 common mistakes.

1.Too Less:

A skimpy application can lower protection dramatically, it has the ability to turn SPF 30 to SPF5 or lower on your body. It takes a generous palmful to cover an adult and act efficiently. To cover your entire body American association of Dermatology suggest the usage of nearly a shot glass amount of sunscreen.

2. Too Late:

You don't have to wait until you've found the perfect beach chair to apply the lotion as the chemical ingredients takes about 15 minutes to penetrate the skin and protect us from UV light. Apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

3.Too Old:

Sunscreens lose potency over time and more quickly when they are left in bright sunlight. As a rule, don't keep sunscreens from one year to another.

4. Ignore Lippy:

Lips have thin skin and the sun exposure can make them speckled and lined. Go for a lip balm with broad SPF protection.

5. Indoor Protection:

If you drive to work or if your work station is near window then you are exposed to UV rays through glass windows. Even when you are indoor sunscreen is a must on your face and neck. For casual use look out for a sunscreen with SPF15 and above.

6. No Follow-up:

Even a waterproof or sweat proof sunscreen can last for maximum of 2 hours and depending on the formulation it might not even last that long. Sweating and swimming wears off sunscreen so make sure that you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially after sweating of great deal. In short Sunscreen isn't like a pill, you don't take it one and relax for the rest of the day.

7. Say No to Retinyl Palmitate:

Retinyl Palamite, a vitamin A derivative is closely related to retinol. If it is present in the sunscreen it breaks down in the sunlight to form free radicles that can indeed harm cells and possibly lead to cancer. Always go for a sunscreen that has not listed out retinyl palmitate in their ingredient list.

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