Guest Post : Maxi skirts - any season's favourite

I dont know about you, but we think that wearing maxi skirts only during the summer is a bit silly. Why would you even do that? They are long, after all, so it wouldn't be freezing for you to wear them during the winter too. This piece is truly a magnificent one, and it is always flattering to every body shape, so there is no real reason to deprive yourself of such stylishness any given time of the year. The trick is in knowing how to combine that piece with others and how to accessorize the whole outfit properly and voila: your favourite maxi skirt is wearable all year long. If you are not sure how to do that, don’t worry, we’ll try to teach you.
Sumer lovin’ combinations
Maxi skirts - any season's favourite

Let’s start with the things you know the best. Your floor-grazing skirt is a summer essential and it’s not that hard to match it with other pieces. But, we’ll give you some guidelines you might overlook. Patterns are, as you know, preferable for this season, so you can opt for patterned skirt and a plain shirt or vice versa, and then accessorize it all with bright conspicuous jewelry, in first case necklace in the second bracelets. But, you’ve already known that. So, let’s tell you something you don’t know: dare to wear mix and match patterns, such as polka doted t-shirt and striped skirt. 

Spring it up!

There is not much difference between spring and summer, all you need is some cover up and adaption. Here, cardigan will be your best tool for the job and the safest solution. As for colors, opt for earthy tones, monochromatic pieces, flower or stripes patterns, or color-block. Black skirt, color block tee and some bright cardigan are the perfect choice. Beside cardigan, there are other ways of covering up, such as blazer, for some more official events or denim jacket for a night out. As for footwear, there are no limits, you can wear all, from pumps and ballet shoes to sneakers and espadrilles.

Rise of the maxi for the fall
Maxi skirts - any season's favourite

Fall is the season that loves maxi skirts the most. Don’t trust us? Let us elaborate. It’s the season of experimenting, and you can easily unleash your inner rock girl, and combine a maxi, leather jacket and ankle boots, and accessorize with leather bag with chains. On the other hand, you can make it a business outfit, by opting for a blazer and pumps. Layering is the key of every summer outfit, and maxi skirt isn’t an exception. So don’t be afraid of adding a trench, a sweater or corduroy blazer.  Money saving tip – with the summer all gone, you can easily find maxi skirts on sale!

Winter maximum coziness
Maxi skirts - any season's favourite

This is the season when you would expect the least to wear a maxi, but always expect the unexpected. During the winter, the coziness and warmth is what matters the most, right? And you can achieve it with adding some pieces such as oversized comfortable sweater, leather jacket and a wrap-scarf, poncho, turtleneck, fur vest, utility jacket, coat and boots. Tuck yourself in some nice and warm pieces and enjoy winter days. You can accessorize with long necklaces, bright scarf, leather bag, beanie or a floppy hat.

Now you see, maxi skirt can be maximally cool for any season. But don’t trust us, trust your own eyes, try some of these looks on, and you’ll know for sure that this is one of the most versatile clothing pieces and most feminine ones.

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