Fashion Waves Swings Across Your Monsoon Street

Fashion Waves Swings Across Your Monsoon Street

With monsoon playing around hide & seek, just like a little kid, we too need to get ready to face final rainy gala events in the upcoming months. We all know monsoon and his games, he never makes it easy for us, with his dampness, over-powered showers and pools of mud. But fashion enthusiast have a habit of surprising him every time, with their spell bounding ‘Monsoon Collections’.

With so many shopping portals offering their insights on various monsoon shades. But the elephant in the room always asks the same question, which is the best pick for this monsoon?  How can I infuse my budget and style appetite all together. No worries! FreeKaaMaal, the largest bargain hunting website, is there for your rescue. They assist on the best deals, by providing money saver coupons on fashion websites like discount coupons for Jabong, Limeroad, Fashion and You etc. While surfing my way through these style loaded websites, I came across this unique drizzly weather collection, which contradicts the so called ‘gloomy’ atmosphere of the monsoon, with its vibrant colored dresses and curiously bold accessories. Let’s take a look.

1. Raining In Style

Why get scared of muddy droplets on your dress? Let’s get fresh feeling of the rain. The first drop of rain always brings a smile on our faces. The Monsoon has come and we need to keep ourselves stylish and colorful. For that, give your wardrobe a rainbow effect. Beautify yourself with the next gen collection of one piece, skirts and jumpsuits. Don’t fall for that dull colour trap. Even if the weather goes dark and dismal, highlight your inner eternal sunshine through these dresses.

2. Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Handbags or clutches are a must for us ladies. We love to carry around our bags in ways that even leaves scientist baffled. The rains are (supposedly!) here, and we know you don’t want to ruin your gorgeous leather tote or ethnic, embroidered sling bag. But carrying an old, faded bag isn’t really an option, right? So why not buy a new one without spending a bomb! If you are heading to work and need something roomy, then just invest in cute bags, which also compliment the rainy weather.

3. Four Inches Above The Water

You love to get drenched in the rains, but are afraid that splashing through the puddles might ruin your favourite footwear. But, fret not. Stylish and fun monsoon footwear are here on. A range of designs and colours will make sure that you stay stylish all through the rains. The arrival of monsoon means that all your expensive pairs should be carefully stored in the shoe cabinet. Also, you need not wear those old and worn out shoes during monsoons.

4. Time Never Flies

Gone are the days, when women just use to accessories with expensive jewelry. Watches are no longer a man’s thing, they now stand for femininity and elegance. Time waits for none, neither does these beautiful watches, which are exclusively for those strong women who know the value of their every second. No matter what kind of woman you are, there is a collection that loudly claims dignity, style and intellect.

5. Charm Up Your Waistline

We work so hard on getting that perfect waist, we starve ourselves, exercise thoroughly, attend yoga classes early in the morning and even stretch till our last muscle. So, now when we have achieved that beautiful waistline, why not highlight it with the amazing belts? Plain and thin belts are always go to items for girls, but if you want to go funky with that jumpsuit or adorable shorts then don’t give these belts a miss. If you feel your gown is way too plain and simple for a party, then just wrap around it with a sparkling stone studded sleek chain.

Freekaamal is like an online Aladdin’s lamp, all you need to do is ‘click’ on it and various clothing store world of fashion-forward designs that capture the spirit of Monsoon will open itself to you. Dresses that are lavished with embellishment, engaging tops and skirts made for perfect party pieces, accessories that look like a queen’s priceless jewels; are just sitting there for all you shopaholics to grab.

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