OxyLife Bleach Review

OxyLife Bleach Review
I am a bleach person, I have been using it for more than 5 years. Out of all the bleaches that I have used OxyLife bleach is the best, it works wonders even on sensitive skin without any harsh effects.

Whenever my skin feels dull, tanned or if I have any special occasion the first thing that I reach for is Oxy bleach. This bleach helps in adding glow to dull, dark and lifeless skin. It is a must follow beauty regime for me after vacation to reverse the damage caused due to the sun, pollution and dead skin.

OxyLife Bleach Review
I had to go for this really fancy dinner. I decided to use OxyLife, as I had used it ample amount of time, I was assured of  oxygen infused glowing skin.

Price : Rs 80 ( 27 gram 2 uses )

My Experience : 

Each Oxy Life bleach box has cream bleach, activator and post bleach serum. The full box of cream bleach should be added with the activator and mixed well for 2 minutes and applied to the clean dry face. I usually leave it for 15 minutes and  wash it with cool water. Then I follow it by application of post bleach serum, it avoids the dryness after the bleaching process and moisturizes the skin..

It leaves my skin de-tanned, even toned, with less visible acne marks,  and facial hair. It also gives a mild glow to the face. During winter, I add only half the amount of activator to avoid skin dryness. I do not use it more than once a month as it may cause drying of skin.

OxyLife Bleach Review

OxyLife Bleach Review

OxyLife Bleach Review

Pros :

Works on sensitive skin
Decrease dark spots
Easily available
Adds glow
No ammonia
Removes tan

Cons :


  • Avoid applying the bleach near eyes.
  • Avoid leaving it more than recommended time
  • Avoid using soap at-least for 8 hours after applying bleach.
  • Do the bleaching process couple of days before the special occasion to get the perfect glow.
  • Avoid going in sun immediately after bleaching. ( I avoid sun for 10 hours after bleach )
  • Patch test is must for first time users.
  • Light skin irritation is normal.
  • Use it once a month 

CC rating : 4.75/5

If you have dull, lifeless, and tanned skin try the magic of OxyLife bleach, it will leave you skin even toned, tan free, glowing and nourished with less visible facial hair.

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