Guest Post : Latest Trends in Silk Saree

Latest Trends in Silk Saree

Latest Trends in Silk Saree

Latest Trends in Silk Saree

When we think of silk, the very first thing that comes to our mind is Kanchipuram. But what we do not know is the smaller communities which make equally beautiful Silk material. With the constant improvement in technology, there is also a constant improvement in terms of fabric. Long gone are those days when silks were considered to be heavy and stuffing. Such sarees are very difficult to wear in the heat and it difficult for newbies to pull it off too. Young girls’ complain has hit the designers I guess, which made them bring out the infallible Soft Silks. These are holy grail for people who love silk but can’t just pull it off. They come in numerous colours when compared to the normal silk sarees and the designs are also astonishing. What is so great about soft silk sarees is that they are really soft, thin and easy to wear too.
                                                          So, what is trending now?
zari design

The Bhutta print/thread/zari is what is trending this season. Being the wedding season of the year, all shops are stocked up with Bhutta. Bhutta designs vary from leaves to flowers and abstract flower patterns which is a steal for the season. The Bhutta design comes as prints, plain thread work and even as zari work. The nature of Bhutta varies with the price. It is actually very difficult to find other patterns or designs with the Bhutta dominating the racks. The Bhutta sarees gives it a more luxurious and expensive look, making it dominating for this season.

Where else is the silk famous?
I am not very well versed in terms of silks. But with two weddings in my family in the past four months, I have gotten pretty good at it. The Thirubuvanam silk is very famous among the rural areas. Thirubuvanam is a place in Tanjore, very famous for its silk. The weavers, having originated from the banks of Cauvery River, have their own skills in weaving. For those who are looking into more antique designs of silk with our grand mothers’ touch in it can opt for these. The speciality of these sarees is their fold. When worn properly, the folds coincide with the pleats making it settle beautifully along the bodice. The silks here are also very light, yet pronounce the quality in a very significant way. If you are the yo-yo bride who does not want the Kanchipuram but want silk can very well opt to these sarees. They are a head-turner because not many are aware of these.
The other silks of Tamil Nadu include the silks of Salem, on which I have not put my hands on but definitely will 

Latest Trends in Silk Saree

Moving on to the picture attached (from left),the very first one is the Thirubuvanam silk, bought in Thico Silks, Trichy. Thico Silks is a cooperative society which sells Thirubuvanam Silks. It has a very simple thin border with small flowers in Zari all over the body of the saree. As I said, the designs are not so modern compared to what we see in stores.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree
The second one is a pure Kanchipuram silk, custom made for my uncle’s wedding. The had to be made for four people, so they decided to customize it starting from the colour, the design and the border. It is heavier compared to the Thirubuvanam silk and difficult to wear and carry too. It is bought in Weaver’s society in Kanchipuram.

Latest Trends in Silk Saree
Vastrakala Silk saree
The third one is the Vastrakala Silk bought in Pothys, Chennai. It is softer compared to the Kanchipuram Silk but heavier than Soft Silk. This has a very modern design on it with three colours as thick horizontal stripes.

Latest Trends in Silk Saree
Soft Silk
The fourth one is a Soft Silk from Nalli Silks, Chennai.It is a double colour with tinges of gold and pink to it. The border is a flush golden border with no designs on it. This flush border is trending right now and there are many replicas for it in Silk Cotton and ordinary cotton too.

new silk saree design
Bhutta Design
The last one the Bhutta design that is trending this wedding season. It is a simple Kanchipuram Silk with Bhutta design on it, bought in RMKV silks, Chennai.

If asked to me, I would say Soft silks are the best as it can be carried very easily and elegantly. I hope you enjoyed the post and please do check out my blog  for more :)  Ciao!

Guest PostDhakshanya Ramadoss

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