Green Trends - Express glow service Review

Green Trends - Express glow facial service Review
Green Trends Unisex Hair & style salon has introduced an innovative service called the ‘Express Glow Service’ which gives an instant glowing and gorgeous result in just about 30 minutes. The express glow service enables customers to choose from a range of fascinating peel off masks which will not only provide a unique experience but also garner memorable compliments.

green trends review
I was offered to try out Express glow service of Green trends last week. It is a quick service to add a glow to the face using peel off mask. They have 5 type of mask, you can choose the one according do your skin type.

green trends review

green trends facial review

Beautician analysed my skin and suggested me to go for Green mask. The treatment consist of 2 mask application, one is detan mask and the other one is peel off mask.

First my skin was cleansed with cleansing milk twice with light massage. It is followed by the application of the detan mask, I had mild burning sensation after the application of this mask, but the beautician assured that it is normal and it will fade off with in couple of minutes and it did :)
Once the detan mask is completely dry ( which takes about 15 minutes ) the mask is removed and followed by the application of the vegetable peel of mask.

green trends facial review chennai

Thick layer of peel off mask is applied on the face including eyes lids. It gives a cool sensation and once it is dry it resembles thick rubber mask. It takes about 15 minutes to dry and followed by the application of sun screen lotion.

The whole treatment was relaxing and refreshing, it also left me with soft and glowing skin. If you are in a hurry and have a special occasion this express glow service is the one to go for. It can also be added on to the existing facial.

Have you tried express glow service ?

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