How to Apply Gel Eyeliner?

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner?
Eyeliner is the best way to enhance the eyes. It have the power to make the eyes appear large and stand out. There are several eyeliner formulation, gel eyeliners are the most difficult to apply but with practice you can look stunning by wearing it. Gel eyeliner are long wearing and a apt choice for creating bold and dramatic eyes.
Gel Liner Application :

1. Take out your favorite gel eye liner using eyeliner brush and swipe it in the back of your hand. Gel eyeliners become hard quickly when left open, so take out the enough amount required for lining the eyes and close the eyeliner pot tightly after using it.

2. Apply the eyeliner in smooth strokes, like a rough sketch of the required lining shape.

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner ?

3. Now fill in the left over space in the eyeliner. It is always better to draw lines in small strokes and then join it out than drawing the eyeliner in single stroke.

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner ?

4. If you have made any mistake dip your Q-tip in eye make up remover and correct it quickly. Gel eyeliners sets quickly, so sooner the better.

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner ?
5. Apply the mascara and line your lower lash line with Kajal and you are ready to Rock !!!
How to Apply Gel Eyeliner  step by step

                                         Here is a quick recap of steps to apply Gel Eyeliner
How to Apply Gel Eyeliner  step by step
                 Tips :
  • If you like to wear liner on both top and bottom lash line like me, it is important to keep the top thicker than the bottom to avoid the appearance of tired eyes.
  • If there is any space between the eyeliner and lash line apply the same shade of eye shadow to fill those gaps.
  •  Eyeliner has to be applied generously to be visible when eyes are open
  •  Always line the eyes with thicker line at outer corner and gradually thinning towards outer corner.
Product Used : Maybelline gel eyeliner, Maybelline illegal extension mascara and Revlon pencil eyeliner.

Hope you like my tutorial, If you would like to request for any tutorial do leave a comment.
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