Tips to Buy Shower Curtain

Tips to Buy Shower Curtain
You want to buy a shower curtain but wondering how to find that perfect curtain to match your bathroom, don't worry you have come to the right place.

What is the Purpose ? The purpose of the shower curtain is to keep the water off the bathroom floor and to maintain privacy. Keep these following point in mind while choosing the shower curtain.

Tips to Buy Shower Curtain
Quality : Shower curtains comes in constant contact with soap and water, this will eventually lead to the buildup of mold and mildews, so quality plays an important role. Go for curtain with high quality they are easy to maintain and last longer.

Material : They are available in various material like natural fabrics, plastic and vinyl. If you are going for natural fiber, liner is a must to prevent the growth of the mold in the shower curtain. Vinyl shower curtains are apt for kids and guest bath room. They are durable, easy to wash, inexpensive and the liner an option for these curtains. 

Stitching : Go for a double stitching it saves the curtain from fraying at edges.

Tips to Buy Shower Curtain

Liners : Liner are designed to make sure that curtain stays dry and act as a protective barrier that deflect moisture, even though liner has to be replaced frequently it is better to go for a good quality with good stitching and rust proof grommets.

Rings : Loads of ring options are avaiable for shower curtain, if you have a curtain made up of natural fabrics go for a thin, high end ring. If you have curtain made up of plastic or vinyl go for heavy ring. If your rod is made up of metal go for metal ring, if it is made up of plastic go for plastic ring.

Tips to Buy Shower Curtain

Curve Rod : Curved rod are available in market these days, they are curved in shape, it helps in leak control and create more space.

Hope these tips help in choosing the perfect shower curtain. For Shower curtain designs, check out
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