How to wear Camisole?

How to wear Camisole?
Many celebrities have been spotted wearing feminine top silk camisoles. There are different ways to wear silk camisoles underwear, it is a multipurpose item it can be teamed with various outfits to create diverse looks.

Camisoles can be worn under blazer for professional look with a dash of femininity, if you are planning to wear camisole  under blazers forgo laces, embroidery and sheer fabric.

How to wear Camisole ?

Camisole alone can be worn with jeans or capris for a cool and chic look. If you are wearing camisole alone pair it up with thin chained necklaces or scarves for an extra twist.
How to wear Camisole ? silk camisole

Women who are heavy on top must go for tank top like camisoles with thick straps. Women with small bust can go for camisoles with thin straps. Camisoles with inbuilt bra can be worn for more support.
How to wear Camisole ? silk camisole

To dress up for a date or special evening pair camisole with bit of frill or lace with A line or pencil skirt. Camisole can be worn under sweater during winter for added protection without looking bulged. They can be worn under low neckline outfit as a undergarment.
How to wear Camisole ? silk camisole has variety of silk camisoles do check it out.
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