Blackout Curtains and more

Blackout Curtains and more
Curtains uplift the look of the house, the add a dash of style and sophistication. Choosing apt curtain according to the room needs is important to complete the look of the house.

There are different type of curtains available to suit the needs. Today I will give you a brief intro about three important type of curtain.

Blackout Curtain :
If you have trouble sleeping in your bedroom as their is too much of light in bedroom blackout curtains are the one for you, they were very tightly woven fabric usually in multiple layer and cut down the sun light up to 70 percent.

Noise blocking curtain :
These curtains help in blocking noise, this curtain comes in handy if you work during day or if your house is located in a busy locality.

Energy saving Curtain :
These curtains will help in keeping the the heat out if you like in a warm place and warmth in if tou are living in a cool place. They also keep light out to an extent.

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