5 All time favorite Halloween Costumes

As Halloween is around the corner I thought I will do a post on it. Loads of sites offer Halloween costumes .I personally like Tidebuy.com as they have a wide range of designs for 2016 Halloween Day at discounted prices.

halloween costumes from tidebuy
If you are not so adventurous and want to play  safe for Halloween ,you can go for the following Five costumes.

5 All time favorite Halloween Costumes
Black long Witch Halloween costume
Makeup plays an important part during Halloween, if you are going for a witch costume make sure that your lip color is dark.For eye makeup, use black or brown eye shadow, don't forget to straighten your hair to get the perfect look.

5 All time favorite Halloween Costumes
Cleopatra women Halloween Costume

If you are going for Cleopatra costume make sure your eye makeup plays an important role. The eyeliner must be wide winged , smokey eye makeup does justice to this look.

5 All time favorite Halloween Costumes
Strapless color block Mermaid costume
For mermaid costume the make up should look dreamy, so go for foundation and concealer for flawless look along with illuminator. Wavy hair is a must for this costume.

Classic court Princess Halloween costume
All time classic princess costume needs a hair updo and pinkish gold eye makeup. Don't forget to pump up your eyelashes with mascara or false lashes.

5 All time favorite Halloween Costumes
Capitating Vampire Halloween costume
This costume requires voluminous hair, blood red lips and dark eye makeup.

What have you planned for this Halloween ? 
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