How to choose formal dress according to body shape ?

It is every women's dream to find that dress which makes her feel on the top of the world.  To find that perfect dress one has to select the dress according to the body shape. have dresses categorised according to body shapes. Selecting a dress according to your body shape makes such a great difference, that can make or break a look. Now let us see how to select formal dress according to different body shapes.

Pear Shape Type:

Pear shape beauties must go for dresses that accentuates their small waist and cover their problem area lower body with out highlighting it. They can go for A line dress which highlights the waits or attract attention to the upper half of the body.

 A line dress for Pear Shape Beauties
A Line Dress
Apple Shape :

Apple shape beauties should wear dresses that highlights the legs and avoid dresses that attract attention to the belly. They should wear dressed that are lose below the bust and any dress that is tight around the belly.

formal dress for apple shape
Empire waist dress
Hour Glass :

Beauties with this body shape can carry out most of the dresses at ease. Mermaid and column type dresses which highlights the curves at the right places does wonders for this shape.

Mermaid Dress
Banana Body Shape :

Beauties with this body shape must go for dress that creates an illusion of curves. Layering, belts, jackets and accessories can do justice for this body shape. Dresses with ruffles is a must have for this shape.

formal dress for pear shape
Ruffle Dress
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