Guest Post : EOS Lip Balm Review

Lip Balm - Whats exciting ?!?!? Something new ?!?!? If so, What?

Shape ? - :( no – regular tube, cylinder or round ):
Smell ? - :( over powered most of the time ):
Color ? - :( red, pink,orange --- Y do i need these, am looking at a lip balm not a lip color ):

Tired of using most of the popularly available lip balm brands, and this is when I came across something called EOS *eeeeeee*

So what's special about EOS?

I found this beauty when I was actually saturated using most of the brands available at the stores, and yes I found this one online – priced Rs999 per unit but was available at a discounted price of Rs 475 !!! ( This got me excited more to try this one. So without any delay I made this cutie egg “strawberry sorbet” mine ... Its almost three weeks since I have started using this one and I just love it.

Eos lipbam review

flipkart EOS lipbalm review

Its awesome for the following reasons:
  • The shape of the container - so cute, cool, and unique . 
  • It does not stain my lips with any color that gives patches over chapped areas initially.
  • It tastes good, with the right fragrance.
  • It smoothens my lips instantly.
  • And most importantly 95%oragnic, 100% natural, paraben & petroleum free – Do i have to elaborate on that?
And the following would be reasons for thinking twice to buy it again :
  • May be Rs 475 is quite expensive for a lip balm.
  • It gives nude finish and doesn't color your lips . It may be a slight disappointment if you are looking at a lip balm which gives shades to your lips.
  • Not pocket friendly. It is quite huge to fit into the side pocket.
Will I still buy this cutie again ?

It serves the purpose of a lip balm rightly and I will SURE make this 100% natural little egg mine again.

CC Rating : 4.8/5

Have you tried EOS lipbalm ?

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