Want to shop products from USA - Try iBhejo.com

Ibhejo.com is a site that has been designed to shop products from USA. They have lots of options to shop from, apart from that they also have option to request product.

ibhejo.com review

Ibhejo.com :

The motto of the site is to give their customers " Hassle free shopping from the USA - straight to your door in India" This site helps us to get access to the products that are not available here in India. 

How They Work ?

They have a nice system to process the order, it goes like this - as soon as we place the order we get a confirmation mail. Then as they receive the products from their international supplier the Bhejo USA ship the products to India. After the products reaches India they will be re-examined By Bhejo India and it will be shipped to the delivery address.  All this happens with in a span of 2 weeks time.

ibhejo.com review shopping experience site review

Payguard Guarantee :

The problems that we face when we order products from abroad sites are they might get lost during shipment or when the product received is damaged, it becomes really hard to get a replacement. So to over come these problems they have Payguard guarantee.

The payguard of ibhejo.com offers full refund if the product is damaged, when the shipping confirmation is not received with 10 days, or when the product does not reach the  delivery address with in 30 days.

What can we shop from iBhejo.com ?

They deal with imported mobiles, beauty, jewelry electronics, computer, watches, camera, footwear, fashion, bags and more.

Personally I like their watch collection more than beauty collection.

ibhejo.com review shopping experience site review

What I like about the site ?
  • Have loads of options to chose from
  • No shipping charges
  • Price mentioned includes all taxes
  • Delivery within 15 days
  • Payguard Guarantee
  • Nice offers in watches
  • Products that are not easily available in India can be shopped here
  • Products are re-examined again in India Bhejo before shipping
  • Loyalty Points
  • Option to request for product
What I don't like about the site ?
  • Option to see only the products with offers in each category is not available
  • Option to sort products based on pricing is not available in sub-categories
Over all ibhejo.com Looks like a nice site to buy products which are not easily available here.

* Affiliate post but the views expressed are honest as always

Have you tried ibhejo.com ? How war your experience ?

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