Vegetable, Fruit And Flower Market | Hyderabad - Serilingampally market

Sometimes we go out in search for something but end up discovering a totally different thing, new and nice, the same way I stumbled upon this market in Serilingampally, Hyderabad. All the materials (vegetables, fruits and flowers) sold in this market are so fresh and beautiful. I was like a kid in a candy land, I could not stop myself from taking loads of pictures, so be prepared to be bombarded with them.

Vegetable market Hyderabad

Vegetable, Fruit And Flower Market | Hyderabad BHEL colony

Farmers come to this market to sell their vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The prices are very low when compare to the supermarkets and the quality is also good. Everything that is sold here is
fresh.This market is opened only on Saturdays . On everys first Sunday of the month they have a flee market here it seems- have not tried it though.


Prices of Vegetables that are sold in this market are 30% less than supermarket. I was able to see more vegetable sellers here when compared to others. They are also have first and second quality vegetables and the price differs accordingly.

Vegetable market Hyderabad

Vegetable market Hyderabad

BHEL colony market

 Hyderabad - Serilingampally market

Vegetable marke hitech city hyderabad

garlic hyderabad


They had all the seasonal fruits. I was shocked when I came to know about the price of fruits, they were nearly 60% less than what I pay in supermarket and and they taste good too. Here the fruit sellers cut the fruits and give us sample before buying it.

 Fruit Market | Hyderabad - Serilingampally market

 Fruit Market | Hyderabad

 Fruit Market | Hyderabad

orange hyderabad

 Fruit Market | Hyderabad hitech city


They also have a small  Flower market, the prices are very cheap. I bought 250 gm of marigold flower (around 75 flowers) for Rs.30. These flowers stay fresh for more than 10 days when you store them in a refrigerator.

 Flower Market | Hyderabad - Serilingampally market

 Flower Market | Hyderabad

 Flower Market | Hyderabad - Serilingampally market

where to buy flowers hyderabad

I also spotted people selling plants for reasonable price here.

Pongal Special 

As I went to this market during Pongal/Sankranti, they were selling rangoli powder.

Rangoli powder hyderabad

Sankranti Rangoli

This Serilingampally market has ample amount of parking space, so you don't have worry about parking problem here. I am a person who likes to shop in a supermarket but to my surprise I did like this place. But the sad thing is that I found out about this place just 2 weeks before leaving Hyderabad, I wish I had known about it before.

Have you tried any of the local markets in your area ?

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