The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask review

Today I am reviewing The Body shop tea tree face mask.

Price : Rs 150

I wanted to try this tea tree mask for a long time . As it is quite expensive  I thought of trying the trial pack before buying the full size. The mask is green in color and the consistency of the mask is neither too thick nor too thin. This mask has a nice refreshing tea tree fragrance. As soon as it is applied it gives a cooling sensation to the face which fades away after a few minutes. It takes around 15-20 minutes to dry completely. It does leave the skin fresh, clean, helps in reducing inflammation and dries out active pimples. It does not strip out moisture .

Pros :
  • Refreshing 
  • Dries quickly
  • Makes skin fresh and clean
  • Dries out active pimples and inflammation
  • Does not make the skin dry
Cons :
  • Quite expensive

CC Rating : 4.5/5

This Tea tree mask reduces inflammation, dries out active acne yet keeps skin moisturized, So I have decided to buy the full size soon. Oily skin beauties must give it a try especially if you have acne prone skin.

Have you tried The body shop tea tree mask ? Did you like it ?

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