Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

I love to try new body wash quite often, for past one month I have been using Dove go fresh body wash.

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

Price : Rs 150 (200ml)

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

The dove go fresh nourishing body wash has cucumber and tea tree fragrance. It comes in a flip top cap bottleThe body wash is green in color and it lathers well, little amount is sufficient to do the job. It smells refreshing and fresh, but the fragrance is gone as soon as it is washed. It leaves the skin soft and supple with out any slimy or stretchy feeling. One bottle last for 3-4 weeks.

Dove Body Wash Review

Nice packing
Refreshing fragrance
Leaves skin soft and nourished
No slime or stretchy feel

Cons :
I could not think of any

CC Rating :


 This is an affordable body wash with refreshing smell, it leaves the skin nourished and supple. If you like to change the body wash often you can try this one and it won't disappoint you.

Have you tried Dove Body Wash ? Did you like it ?
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