Butterfly Saree and Blouse Design

Yesterday when I was going through my wardrobe, I came across my Butterfly pallu saree. This type of designer saree was quite famous during my college time. It did bring back some nice college time memories :)

Butterfly pallu saree

In this saree the pallu is designed in such a way that we don't have to take any pleats. This is a silk cotton saree  with blue and pink combination.

Butterfly pallu saree

The pallu is pink in color with silver color sequence work.

silk cotton saree

Pallu also has a silver color flower at the end.

The blouse material which came along with the blouse has a silver color Flower.

new saree design

This saree is hard to maintain, even if a single thread from the sequence comes out the whole design goes down the drain.

Do you have Butterfly Pallu Saree ? What kind of fashion was famous during your college time?
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