Opera- India's first cottage style potato crisps

Festivals form a huge part of our diverse culture and heritage especially during the time of Diwali and what makes this season special is the yummy snack options one gets to eat while visiting their friends/ relatives. Opera crisps are the perfect snacking options available in 4 flavours for this festive occasion. 
Cremica, to carry forward with pride one of India’s favourite snacks and the legacy of snacking tradition, by bringing to you Opera cottage style potato crisps. This utterly delicious snack is the latest entrant on a shelf near you and beckons you to experience the difference between the ordinary and the  exceptional, with its customized taste. 

Opera offers a scrumptious gourmet experience of crisps with its distinct thinness, perfect taste of inimitable flavours and added crunchiness. The four distinct flavours are a balanced combination of well-seasoned ingredients prepared in olive oil, which contributes immensely in achieving that delightful taste that is so unique to our crisps.

The flavours - Peri Peri, Cheese Jalapeno, Italian Herbs and Salt & Black Pepper are made with care to achieve the perfect amalgam of a particular style of preparation, classic ingredients, and utmost quality. 

What sets these crisps apart from the usual is that they are hand-made and prepared with personalized attention and a unique cooking style that retains their complex taste and texture. The potatoes are hand-picked from farms and prepared with extra care in small batches to see that every chip is cooked to perfection and is bursting with flavour. The end result? A hefty crunch in each bite and rich aromas that envelope you when open a delectable packet of these cottage crisps.

Available at all leading departmental stores pick your favourite flavour.
Retail Price: Rs. 25 (30 gms packet) and Rs. 50 (60 gms packet)

Carrot and Cumin Salad Sandwich

carrot sandwich


2 tbsp Shredded carrots
1 tbsp Chopped Onions
½ tsp. Cremica Mustard sauce
1 Cup Cremica Vinaigrette
1/2 tsp. Cumin powder
Crushed Opera Crisps
Salad Leaves
Olive oil
Salt & pepper


1. Mix all the ingredients for the carrot salad. Season with cumin, salt & pepper.
2. Apply the carrot salad on whole wheat multi grain bread slice and cover with another layer of bread slice.
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