Silk Saree Blouse Design | Diwali Shopping ( Part 2 )

Today we are going to see more blouse designs for silk saree.

new blouse design for diwali
This is a double shade soft silk saree, as this saree was quite simple I have done heavy embroidery work for my blouse. Click HERE to view new blouse design 

new Blouse Design

This is one of my most favorite blouse design, the blouse material which came along with the saree was very simple but the embroidery has changed the look of the blouse and saree completely.

2013 blouse design

      As the design on the back was quite heavy I wanted to keep the front neck design quite simple.
diwali  saree
Front Neck Design

Silk Saree Blouse Design | Diwali Shopping

saree blouse design

Do you like silk saree and embroidery blouses ? 

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