Liebster Award

I want to thank +jannat bhullar  , +Devon Twitchen  ,and  +Crystal Tomaw  for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

liebster award

What is Liebster Award ?

The Liebster Blog Award is  for blogs which has less than 200 followers. Apparently  Liebster is German for “beloved” and a blog nominated for this award is “worth watching”.

There are 5 rules attached to this award:

1. If you are nominated for the award, accepted it and you have won!
2. Answer the question Tagger set for you
3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, who you feel deserve the award.
4. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Attach the  Liebster award badge to your site.
6. No tag backs

Jannat's question to me

1. Which is your favorite brand in shoes?

2.How many times do you apply lipstick in a day?
I apply lipstick only when I go for an outing.

3.Who is your favorite designer?
Ritu kumar

4.When was the last time you did nail art?
I have never tried Nail art

5. What do you do in your bad hair days?
I straighten it or give it a blow dry

6.What is your favorite wonder out of seven wonders?
Taj Mahal

7.What is your make up ti when you get ready in 10 minutes?
Kohl, tinted lip balm, moisturizer and compact powder are essential to get ready in 10 minutes.

8.What is in you hand bag?
Moisturizer and lip balm

9.When you bought your first make up kit?
When I was 18

10.Pick a fashion trend that describes you ?
Elegant /classic

11. Latest fashion trend which you do not understand?

 I am tagging the following bloggers :

1. +Asmitha Vivek
2. +mo donika
3. +Anwesha Bh
4. +Nivedita RC
5. +Miss Berry
6. +Sandhya srivastava
7. +Erika Bradford
8. +Sanja Mujkanovic
9. +Lena L
10. +NailsBy Anita
11. +Tiny Alis

Questions For The Lovely Bloggers :

1. what is your Favorite Lipstick ?
2. what is your all time Favorite Novel ?
3. What is you holy grail essential ?
4. What is your favorite beauty brand ?
5. What is your all time favorite TV show ?
6. Foundation or tinted moisturiser ?
7. What is the one product you wish that all your readers would try ?
8. What is your current favorite song?
9. What is your favorite Kohl/eyeliner?
10. If you have all money in the world, what would you buy first ?
11. What is your favorite perfume?

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