Review | Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel

Hi Everyone, I love to try new shower gels. I got this shower gel as I liked the packing and color. This is my first palmolive shower gel. This shower gel has thermal minerals and seaweed extracts

Palmolive Shower Gel review

Price :

Rs 110 (250ml)

Product Description :

The emotions of firming experience transported to your shower gel. It's unique formula is infused with seaweed extracts and lipids known to improve skin smoothness. Your skin feels soft and your sense revived in a delightful home spa experience.

Ingredients :

water, sodium laureth sulphate, cocamindopropyl  betaine, glycerine, perfume, cocamide MEA, sodium chloride, glycol distearate, sodium benzoate, sodium salicylate, glycerlt oleate, citric acid, tetra sodium EDTA,polyquaterium 7, Fucus vesiculosus extract, brilliant blue, tartrazine

Palmolive Shower Gel review

My Experience :

This shower gel comes in a flip top bottle. The bottle has a nice curve which aids in giving nice grip. It is greenish blue in color and it is nether very thick nor very runny in consistency. It has mild fragrance which linger  for an hour. Small amount was enough to do the job, it lathers quite well. It does hydrates the skin and make it soft and supple. It does not firm the skin I do not know how can a shower gel can firm the skin I knew it wont live up to what it claims I just got it as I liked the packing. The price is reasonable and it will  last for 3 weeks.

  Pros :
  • Affordable
  • Mild fragrence
  • Hydrating
  • Lathers well
  • Small amount goes a long way
  • Makes skin soft
Cons :
  • Does not live up to the claim of firming

Final Verdict :

 It has all the properties of a good body wash, but if you are buying this shower gel thinking that it would firm you up then you will be disappointed.

Rating :


Have you tried Palmolive body wash? What is your favorite body wash? 
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