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Hi, I would like to Share my shopping experience with I stumbled upon this site when I was searching for a product online. They had nice offers and COD so I thought of giving it a try. Beautykafe is a new online site which has been lauched for beauty and makeup products. They provide free shipping and COD for order above Rs 500 . review
My Experience :

I ordered  a few items on June 26th and received them on July 7th which was over 10days, this left me disappointed with their shipping speed. Even the customer care is not up to the mark I called them on 5th to find out whether they have shipped my products I got a response stating their system has hung and that they will call me back with in 10 min and guess what they did not and finally I ended up calling them again. They don't provide tracking ID or send mail stating that the items have been shipped. review

My Online Shopping Experience With, review

The packing was ok. They did not bubble wrap the products. The matrix shampoo was dirty. The revlon beauty products were nearing expiry, no way I could finish my foundation or compact with in 10 months. The schwarzkoff oil box was crushed.

Pros :
  • Offers
  • Easy to navigate site
My Online Shopping Experience With, review

Cons :
  • Shipping time
  • No traking ID
  • Poor customer care 
  • Poor packing
  • Sending near expiry products
  • Items were dusty and dirty
My Online Shopping Experience With, review

Final Verdict :

 I am not happy with my experience with this beautykafe site, they have to improve their customer service and send product which has more 1 year from the expiry date. I will not purchase from them again.

Rating :

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