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I like wearing Sindoor but I was not really fond of the sindoor powder as it falls on face, cause irritation, allergy and as it has poor staying power. I was happy when lakme introduced this liquid sindoor. I have been using it for more than 3 years.

lakme sindoor review
Price :

INR 109

My Experience :

Lakme sindoor is very easy to apply I have maroon shade. It comes in a  sleek package with foot tip wand . This lakme sindoor has made sindoor application so easy. It stays on for 8 hours and it does not bleed, smudge or cause irritation. It goes off only when washed with soap.

lakme sindoor review
See how pigmented it is
Pros :
  • Easy application
  • Travel friendly packing
  • Lovely shade
  • Last for 8 hours
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Nice pigmentation
  • Cheap
  • Small amount comes a long way
  • Does not smudge 
  • Dries quickly
Cons :
  • Nothing at all
 Final Verdict :

I feel that this is an awesome product which fulfils all the properties required to make an ideal Sindoor. I will definitely buy it again.

Rating :

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