Tresemme Climate control Shampoo Review

I wanted to try this shampoo for a long time but I was waiting for my Schwarzkopf Shampoo to get over before buying this. Finally I got it before a couple of days.

Tresemme Climate Shampoo
Tresemme Climate control Shampoo 


INR 128  for 225ml


My Experience 

I have oily scalp, dry and  frizzy hair . I have tried many shampoo for controlling frizziness but nothing has worked liked Tresemme . This is one of the best shampoo I have used so far.  As it contains keratin it helps in taming up the frizz. It smells amazing and only very little amount is required to clean up the hair. It makes my hair smooth and silky . I have not yet tried the climate control  conditioner yet but by using shampoo itself I have got Good results. It does not lead to hair fall and the price is also very reasonable .

Tresemme Climate control Shampoo Review

  • Controls Frizz
  • Makes Hair soft and silky
  • Does not weigh down the hair
  • Smells good
  • Lathers well
  • Cheap
  • Does not increase hair fall
  • I couldn't think of any

Will I Buy It Again

I will surly buy it again. My hair is smooth and soft than before, one of the best shampoo to tame frizz.

Have you tried Tresemme climate control Conditioner / shampoo and did you like it ? DO share your views

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