Tegu Building Blocks Review

Today I am going to review Tegu Tints original set (52 pieces) I got this from amazon.com for $140 ( INR 7600) 

tegu tints review

Product Description

Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favoured classic."Click-Clack" is the iconic sound of two Tegu Blocks coming together By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. This Original Set includes 52 blocks and provides play for hours. Includes one Tegu Story and 52 blocks in 4 shapes: 20 Cubes, 16 Long Planks, 10 Short Planks, and 6 Jumbo Planks

Tegu  Blocks Review

My Experience 

The first and foremost thing which attracted me in this blocks are the colors they are awesome. This blocks does not come with any instruction manual (though it comes with a small demo booklet ) everything is left up to your imagination. The quality of the blocks are so good I am sure it can be passed on for generations. 

My 2 year old son likes it very much, he is amazed by the way the blocks come together and by the click clack sound made by it . It is great to see his creativity at work when he tries to build something out of it. This set is not only for kids even adults would love to play with it. It can even be used as a show piece as they are very beautiful.

Tegu  Blocks Review
Tegu Building Blocks


* Helps in developing creative ability of kids
* Highly durable can be passed on for generations
* Comes in vibrant color 
* Finish of the blocks are very smooth
* The blocks are made up of high quality wood


* Expensive 
* Not available in India

Final verdict

Highly recommended For kids above 2

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