Quick Facts You Need to Know About Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is just one of many types of procedures offered by the skincare industry to help us all look as good as we possibly can. It happens to be one of the newest skincare procedure categories. Even though it has been around for several years, there are still several things that most people don't understand about it. Here are some quick facts you should know about it, in case you want to schedule a skin tightening procedure yourself.
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Loofah: Boon or Bane

Loofah is a very well known bath and shower accessory, but there has been a debate that has been ensued for a long time now. Are loofahs a boon or a bane? There are two divided opinions on this matter:Loofahs to be an excellent exfoliating device and Loofahs are excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

So which one of these opinions should you go with? Well, we’ll lay down both the pros and the cons before you. Decide for yourself. 

What is a loofah?

Loofa, Luffa, and Lufah as it called is an exfoliating device that is a very commonly used shower accessory. It derives it’s name from luffa, a fully developed fruit of vines from the cucumber family, two species actually L. aegyptiaca and L. acutangula. While the fruit is edible if harvested at early stage of development, they grow very fibrous as they mature. 

Source: Homegrownfun

Their fibrous nature and pores help in removing dead skin, the process called exfoliation. Hence they serve as an excellent shower accessory. 

The types of loofahs depending upon the application and the area intended for scrubbing are:
Hand loofah or gloves for exfoliating
Bath brush for scrubbing back and back side of thighs and the feet 
Foot brush to exfoliate the hard and dry skin of your feet. Pumice stone can also be used.
Face brush or facial sponge/loofah for cleaning the face

How to use a loofah.

Let your skin hydrate or soak in water properly before using the loofah.
Scrub softly over areas that have thick patches of skin for eg. elbows, knees, etc. 
Use back loofah and facial loofah to clean and scrub your back and face accordingly. Let your face hydrate properly. Maybe use steam to soften the face skin.
Use more fibrous loofahs for dry, hard and coarse skin like sole of your feet.

Pros of using a loofah
  • It helps in getting rid of your dead skin cells. It will remove the bacteria and other skin disease causing germs, remove dirt from crevices and unnecessary oil from your skin.
  • A loofah will better exfoliate your skin than a normal wash using a soap. The pores and tiny net like structure makes for an effective exfoliation session.
  • Gentle scrubbing with loofah helps to make your skin softer and glowing.
  • Scrubbing in a circular motion with a loofah helps you relax. It reduces your anxiety and stress. 
  • Loofahs are easier to carry around when you’re travelling. If you’re particular about using your own shower accessory (which you should be!) then loofahs are exactly what you need.
  • Massaging using the loofah helps in improving your blood circulation. Loofahs provide the right amount of friction required to stimulate blood flow.
  • Loofahs are cheaper, easier to store, and have good shelf life if not left moist. Now, Loofahs are all the more cheaper with Coupons on Nykaa.
  • Loofahs are far more effective compared to exfoliating creams/shower gels.

Cons of overusing a loofah
  • Rough or vigorous scrubbing with a loofah can damage your skin, causing mild irritation to inflammation. Use your hands to wash your skin in between the loofah scrubbing sessions. 
  • In case you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema don’t use loofahs or shower sponges. It might deteriorate the condition. 
  • If not dried properly, the pores and crevices in loofah holds back water. The moisture is ideal for bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Some loofahs are made of organic matter and hence are subject to decay when left moist and improperly dried, however natural alternatives are better than the synthetic ones when it comes to infection 
Now that you’ve looked at the pros and cons of using a loofah, it’s your turn to decide. The pros do outweigh the cons and the cons can be avoided if proper care can be taken. Talking about proper care, this is how you need to take care of your loofah:

  • Let the loofahs dry. After every shower, let the water drain out and make sure you don’t leave it in a damp, warm environment that promotes bacterial growth like the shower area of your bathroom.
  • Wash and clean the loofah regularly.
  • Boil the loofah in hot water, microwave it or heat it to destroy the disease causing microbes.
  • Dipping it in a skin friendly microbial solution (5 percent bleach) can help. 
  • You could also soak it in a baking soda/vinegar solution or peroxide. This process is a tedious one but worth the effort.
  • Do NOT share a loofah or washcloth with anyone.
  • Replacing your old loofah with a new one frequently. How to know if your loofah needs replacing? The coloration and the odour. Swap or replace loofahs regularly (every 3-4 weeks)

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StalkBuyLove Shopping Review

If you are in for unique collections of western wear, then StalkBuyLove.com is the place for you. In stalkbuylove they design their collection by taking current trend and celebrity fashion as inspiration. Their collection is trendy, unique and beautiful. Their clothing are of limited stocks, you will hardly find another person wearing what you have.

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Ladies Hand Bag –Trend Alert

Online shopping is one of the best ways to buy your new hand bag collections. It is far better than roaming around the huge mall to get the style that you want. It saves your money as well as time. You can get your dream bag at your door step by punching the magical words “ bags for ladies online in India” in your browser. That’s how amazing technology now is. So, you really don’t need to line up too long just to pay and take your bags home. Here are a few hand bags that were adorned by the celebrities.
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MyfloralKart.com Review


We often feel gratitude and affection towards the people we love and respect. There are wide range of options to show this feeling and one of the most trusted ways is to choose pretty flowers and sweet cakes to impress the affectionate people in our lives. Worldwide the very favorite options of all is considered to be sending flowers and cakes, the unmatched combination.
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10 Makeup Tips That Every Girl Must Know

Makeup has become an essential part of women's life. I know women who have best makeup products, yet struggling to highlight their beautiful features and get the most of out of it. The following makeup tips and tricks are must know for all women to bring out the best version of themselves.

10 Makeup Tips That Every Woman Must Know

1. For a smudge-proof eye makeup, before starting your makeup blot the eye area with a blotting tissue to remove the excess oil. Apply concealer or primer to hold makeup at a place. Here is a tutorial on How to apply gel eyeliner perfectly?

2. Does your makeup look patchy? Always apply a moisturizer before starting your makeup. Hydrated skin helps in smooth blending of foundation and avoid patchiness.

3. Balance your shimmers. If you are going for glossy lips opt for a subtle eye makeup or if you are in for a shimmery eye makeup opt for a nude or natural matte lip color. Never highlight both the features unless you want to look like this.

4. Want to create a cheek bone illusion? Use a bronzer under your cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheek bone. And remember to blend until all the harsh lines have vanished.

5. You like red lipsticks, but you don't want to look over the top with it, here is a tip for you. Apply the lipstick with your fingers and blot them with a tissue paper, until you get the subtle red color. Top it off with clear gloss. You can check out the article about how to wear lipstick perfectly for more tips.

6. In the hot and sweaty summer, let your skin breathe by saying no to heavy foundation. Try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream according to your skin type.

7. Clean your makeup brush twice a week to avoid breakouts and bacterial buildups in brush. Wash the brush with mild shampoo, blot the excess water and lay them flat to try.

8. Do your face become oily but the mid of the day. Apply toner, followed by moisturizer and a non-comedogenic foundation powder like Revlon photo ready.

9. Have your run out of your eyebrow pencil? Fill in your eyebrows with an eye shadow which is two shades lighter than your eyebrow hair color and you are ready to go.

10. Replace your mascara every six months, as it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria after that. Avoid infections by replacing the makeup products when they reach their expiry date. To know more, check out Guide on when to toss away your makeup products.

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